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Mental Health Book Reviews

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Mental health book reviews are published every Wednesday on MH@H. I review non-fiction books on topics related to mental health and illness, and I particularly enjoy reviewing books by indie authors. My goal with reviews is to help readers learn something from a book even if they don’t end up going on to read it.

I’m a Top Reviewer on NetGalley. I also post reviews on Goodreads and LibraryThing.

This page includes the books I’ve reviewed so far. I’ve added subject tags in italics if a book’s subject isn’t clear from the title.

The names of authors who are fellow bloggers are hyperlinked to their blogs. Their books cover some additional genres outside of what I typically review. You can also find them on my author friends shelf on Goodreads.

If there’s a book you’d like me to consider reviewing, you can get in touch with me via my Contact page.

Mental Illness Book Reviews


Porn Addiction


Bipolar Disorder


Eating Disorders


Personality Disorders

Psychotic Disorders



Trauma, PTSD, c-PTSD, and Dissociative Disorders

Other Books on Mental Illness

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Psychology & Wellness Book Reviews

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Miscellaneous Non-Fiction



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Where to Find Free Books

Reading is a wonderful thing. Even if money is tight, that doesn’t have to get in the way of reading. Here are a few ways to get your read on for free.

Where to find free books: Open Culture, Open Library, Bookbub, Project Gutenberg, Libby app