Welcome to Mental Health @ Home & MH@H Books by Ashley L. Peterson
Welcome to Mental Health @ Home by Ashley L. Peterson
Book cover: A Brief History of Stigma by Ashley L. Peterson
Book cover: Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis by Ashley L. Peterson
Book cover: Managing the Depression Puzzle by Ashley L. Peterson
Book cover: Psych Meds Made Simple by Ashley L. Peterson
Ashley L. Peterson, author and creator of Mental Health @ Home

Ashley L. Peterson

Welcome to Mental Health @ Home! I’m Ashley L. Peterson, creator of this blog and author of the titles published by MH@H Books.

I worked as a mental health nurse for 15 years, working primarily with people with serious and persistent mental illness in hospital and community settings. I was a pharmacist prior to that. I was first diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2007, and since then, I’ve been passionate about generating open conversations about mental illness.

About the Blog

Mental health begins at home—your place of strength, stability, and support.

Wondering where to start? Visit the blog index, or you can find the latest blog posts here.

MH@H takes a no-holds-barred look at a wide variety of issues related to mental health and illness. It draws on my dual perspectives as a former mental health professional and person living with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder. The approach is candid, pragmatic, and anti-BS.

The goal is to raise awareness about mental illness, provide information on a broad range of mental health issues, and create a community where people can feel comfortable speaking openly about mental health without fear of judgment.

Mental illness cutlery drawer: spoons, knives, forks, and whisks

First, there was spoon theory, then fork theory. But why stop there? Find out more about the whole mental illness cutlery drawer.

Mental health book reviews - open book with multicoloured pages

MH@H published weekly mental health book reviews, including books by indie authors.

Mental illness: Stop the stigma - graphic of face and megaphone with the words "speak up"

The Stop the Stigma page is a great starting point to help you challenge mental illness stigma.

Straight talk on suicide - graphics of phoenix and semicolon

The Straight Talk on Suicide Prevention page has info & supports from someone who’s been there.

Psych Meds 101 series from Mental Health @ Home

The Psych Meds 101 series covers anxiolytics | antidepressants | antipsychotics | mood stabilizers | sleep meds

So you've just been diagnosed with... [a mental illness]: tips from people who've been there

So You’ve Just Been Diagnosed with… pulls together tips and resources for the newly diagnosed from people who’ve been there.

Mental Health Coping Toolkit

The COVID-19/Mental Health Coping Toolkit has a wide variety of mostly free resources.

Mental health resource directory: graphics of folders and bookmarks

The Mental Health Resource Directory has links to some of the best sites & apps I’ve found.

Free mental health workbooks - graphic of a notebook and pencil

Free Mental Health Workbooks based on CBT and other therapies – here’s where you can find loads of them.

Mental Health @ Home downloadable resources

The Resources page has mini-ebooks, safety plans, guided journals, and other downloadables.