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Managing the Depression Puzzle takes a comprehensive approach to depressive illnesses, offering a variety of potential pieces that might fit in an individual’s unique depression puzzle.

Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis combines info about diagnostic criteria from the DSM-5, clinical experience, and first-hand accounts to cut through misconceptions and stigma around mental illness.

Psych Meds Made Simple explains how psychiatric medications work, in terms of both positive and negative effects.

Ashley L. Peterson, author and creator of Mental Health @ Home

Ashley L. Peterson

Welcome to Mental Health @ Home! I’m Ashley L. Peterson, creator of this blog and author of the titles published by MH@H Books.

I worked as a a mental health nurse for 15 years, and am a former pharmacist. I began my journey as a “crazy” person when I was first diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2007, and have been challenging stigma ever since.

About the Blog

Wondering where to start? Check out the blog index, or you can find the latest blog posts here.

MH@H takes a no-holds-barred look at a wide variety of issues related to mental health and illness. It draws on my dual perspectives as a former mental health professional and person living with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder. The approach is candid, pragmatic, and anti-BS.  

The goal is to raise awareness about mental illness, provide information on a broad range of mental health issues, and create a community where people can feel comfortable speaking openly about mental health without fear of judgment.

The rainbow model of mental illness symptom and functional domains

Do you find the term “high-functioning” dismissive? Me too. I developed the rainbow model to capture some of the complexity of mental illness, both in terms of symptoms and functional abilities, which can ebb and flow over time. Read more on the rainbow model here.

MH@H Download Centre: mini-ebooks, guided journals, and more

Stop by the MH@H Download Centre for downloadable mental health content and other resources.

Psychotic doesn't mean violent, It means ill -image of one person hitting another

One of the most damaging mental illness stereotypes is the belief that people with mental illness, and in particular people experiencing psychosis, are violent. The reality? People with psychosis are no more likely to be violent than anyone else.

The mental illness cutlery drawer: spoons, forks, knives, whisks, and more

First there was spoon theory, then fork theory. But why stop there when it comes to metaphors to capture the experience of chronic mental illness? You can read more about the whole mental illness cutlery drawer.

Ways to share your mental health story

There are plenty of ways to share your mental health story, including right here on MH@H through the community features.

Mental Health @ Home Features

At the core of MH@H is mental health and illness.  Weekly mental health book reviews often feature books by fellow bloggers and other indie authors. There are also detours to other topics, including social justice and pseudoscience, plus blogging resources to support others in their blogging journey. You’ll find more under the Resource Pages menu at the top of the page.

Mental illness: Stop the stigma and break the silence
Mental health book reviews
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I’m a strong believer in speaking up to stop stigma. Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.
I’m excited to have you join me on this journey!

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