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This blog takes a no-holds-barred look at a variety of issues related to mental health.
It draws on my dual perspectives as a mental health nurse (and former pharmacist) and person living with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder.  

The goal is to raise awareness about mental illness, educate around a wide variety of mental health issues, and create a community where people can feel comfortable speaking openly about mental health without fear of judgment.


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Under the Blog menu above you’ll some of the recurring series on MH@H.
My emerging blogger series features new up and coming mental health bloggers.

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I post weekly mental health book reviews, often featuring books by fellow bloggers.  


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Book cover: The Silent Scream by Maria Alfieri

I’m also a contributor to The Silent Scream: An Anthology of Despair, Struggle, and Hope by Maria Alfieri, available now on Amazon.

I write on several sites besides MH@H – details are in the About section.


I’m a strong believer in speaking up against stigma, and in educating ourselves so we can make the best possible choices.
Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.
Let’s Stop Stigma!  I’m excited to have you join me on this journey!


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