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Ashley L. Peterson, Blogger & Author

Welcome! Mental health has played a huge role in both my work and personal life for many years. I live in Vancouver, Canada, with my pet guinea pigs, who like to make an appearance on the blog now and again.

I am…

A person living with chronic mental illness

I have treatment-resistant major depressive disorder, for which I’ve been hospitalized multiple times. I’ve had several suicide attempts, which I write openly about. I’ve tried a number of different forms of treatment, including electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Medication plays an important role in managing my illness.

While I was once able to achieve periods of full remission between episodes of depression, that’s no longer the case. Now, I’m continuously affected by depressive symptoms, and it’s a matter of just trying to manage as best I can.

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A former mental health professional

I worked as a mental health nurse for 15 years, in both hospital and community settings, before retiring due to disability related to my mental illness. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of British Columbia, and a Master of Psychiatric Nursing (MPN) from Brandon University. For my Master’s thesis, I used a research method called autoethnography to explore my own experience as a nurse with a mental illness within the broader context of nursing culture. Three papers based on my thesis work were published in peer-reviewed nursing journals.

I’m a former pharmacist, and I have a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BScPharm) from the University of British Columbia. I’m a firm believer in the. importance of medication as an option in managing mental illness, although it’s certainly not the right fit for everyone.

Academic publications

You can find me as A.L. Peterson on Google Scholar and Semantic Scholar.

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A blogger

Mental Health @ Home began in October 2017 when I wasn’t working much because of my illness, and I wanted something to do that would give me more of a sense of purpose. I started with no real idea of what I was doing, but I was quickly hooked by the therapeutic power of writing and the amazing online mental health community.

My blogging approach is to be as genuine as I can be and cut through BS, with a mix of personal and informative posts. I’m very pragmatic; I’m not interested in shoulds, I’m interested in what’s workable. I have a strong science background, and I’m pretty skeptical of things that don’t have anything solid to back them up.

It’s important to me that this blog is a safe space both for myself and for those who visit it, regardless of disability, gender, race, or any other characteristic. Comments that attack or discriminate will not be tolerated.

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An author

Mental Health @ Home Books by Ashley L. Peterson

I’m the author of three books:

My current work in progress is called A Brief History of Stigma.

I contributed a story to The Silent Scream: An Anthology of Despair, Hope, and Struggle by Maria Alfieri.

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A stigma warrior

A big part of why I’ve chosen to share my own experiences is to help raise awareness about mental health issues and combat stigma. Our voices are the strongest weapon we have in the fight to Stop Stigma.  Let’s start this conversation and keep it going strong!

Want to know more? I’ve done a series of “about me” posts.

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