When Body Meets Brain

This is a guest post I did for the fabulous Elle Rose’s secretladyspider blog.

She recently did a guest post on my blog on derealization.


secretladyspider's blog

This week’s post is by a guest blogger, Ashley L. Peterson. Typically a guest post would be uploaded the last week of the month, but with moving, a new job, new medication, and other responsibilities piling up and toppling on top of me, I haven’t been able to get around to it. I just haven’t had the spoons. I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging again, and I want to thank Ashley not only for writing this post but also for her continuous work on mental health advocacy on her own blog, Mental Health at Home. Go have a look after reading this. On with the post! 

I have a mental illness, specifically major depressive disorder, but it’s not really all that interested in staying mental.  It likes to get physical, too, something that’s common across a broad spectrum of mental health disorders.  Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising…

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~💚~ Welcome to Mental Mingling ~💚~ Mental Health Awareness Month Meet & Greet! ~ Week #4 ~ May 24, 2019, 💚 Leave a Link in Order to Meet!

Beckie's Mental Mess

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Hello!  Welcome to “Mental Mingling” The Fourth out of five weeks where you get to meet old and new bloggers alike in the mental health community.

I had started this a year ago, and I found that it was a great resource to all bloggers that deal with mental illness/disorders to meet one another, learn about one another’s stories, show support toward your fellow blogger, make acquaintances, and in most cases… Make Very Dear Friends! 💚

Week 4, I wish I could say this was another great week for a bunch of old/new bloggers in the Mental Health Comunity sharing their sites this week, but maybe that is my fault.  Not enough “Advertising”  LOL!  Regardless of the reason, I do have a few new people that would like to get out there and meet you all!

May 24, 2019, R.S.V.P.’s Are As Follows:

Tina of “Really Real Blog”




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book cover: Dealing with Depression by Jan Marsh

Book Review: Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depression: Simple Ways to Get Your Life Back is written by clinical psychologist Jan Marsh.  It offers strategies to be used either alone in milder forms of depression or in conjunction with medication or psychotherapy.  Ideas from several therapeutic approaches are incorporated, including cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and compassion focused therapy. … Continue reading Book Review: Dealing with Depression