Blogging and Copyright

A number of people have raised concerns lately about posting bloggers' copyright content without permission. Here's a bit of detail from This site is based in India.  They registered their domain name through GoDaddy, but the site itself isn't on GoDaddy's servers.  DigitalOcean is the Domain Name Server (DNS), which means their directory … Continue reading Blogging and Copyright

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illustration of right and left brain

Cognitive Deconstruction and the Lead Up to Suicide

I first learned about the concept of cognitive deconstruction a while back when I reviewed Jesse Bering's book Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves.  He wrote about it as a process of narrowed thinking that can occur leading up to a suicide attempt. The American Psychological Association defines cognitive deconstruction as: "a mental state characterized by … Continue reading Cognitive Deconstruction and the Lead Up to Suicide

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