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Making a Blog Unsearchable

Sometimes people don't want their blogs to be easy to find, and WordPress offers a way to do that. For a lot of bloggers, we're looking for exactly the opposite. While asking search engines not to search your blog isn't going to be directly relevant to everyone, it explains why sometimes you might be having… Continue reading Making a Blog Unsearchable

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Farewell, WordPress Editor…

If you're not already using WordPress's block editor, you've probably already seem WordPress shouting in your face that they're forcing you to switch to the block editor. However, according to this blog post, there are actually a couple of alternatives. The naming is a bit confusing, and it took me a while to get… Continue reading Farewell, WordPress Editor…

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How to Fix Problems Liking/Commenting on Blogs

It seems like quite a few people have been having problems liking or commenting on other WordPress bloggers' posts.  It may be an issue with your browser settings that stops the site from recognizing that you are in fact signed in to WordPress. If you’re using Safari, go to “Preferences” in the “Safari” menu, then… Continue reading How to Fix Problems Liking/Commenting on Blogs

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How Do You Manage Notifications?

A recent post by Rory of A Guy Called Bloke got me thinking about this.  We're constantly bombarded with a ton of information from the various different platforms we use, so how do you avoid getting overwhelmed with notifications and having your mental health negatively impacted? By default, WordPress and social media platforms want to throw… Continue reading How Do You Manage Notifications?

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Reflections on Upgrading to the WordPress Business Plan

It's been almost 7 months since I upgraded to the WordPress business plan, so I thought I'd reflect on how it has changed my blog, both good and bad. Plugins The business plan lets you install plugins to perform specific functions on your site.  Basically, you load the plugin onto your site, tweak the settings,… Continue reading Reflections on Upgrading to the WordPress Business Plan

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Blogging and writing

To .com or to .org?

Let's say you have a blog. You want to be able to do more with your blog than you're able to do with the Premium plan. So, what now? The two options you'll probably be looking at are the business plan or going self-hosted.  So how do you decide whether to do… Continue reading To .com or to .org?