Blogging and Copyright

A number of people have raised concerns lately about posting bloggers' copyright content without permission. Here's a bit of detail from This site is based in India.  They registered their domain name through GoDaddy, but the site itself isn't on GoDaddy's servers.  DigitalOcean is the Domain Name Server (DNS), which means their directory … Continue reading Blogging and Copyright

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How do you follow?

We all interact with the blogging world a little differently.  I really don't know much about how the "average" blogger does things, so I thought I'd do a little survey. It's a basic Google Form, and here's the link: The questions are: How many blogs do you follow? (i.e. blogs you follow, not people … Continue reading How do you follow?

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If I’ve ignored you lately, it’s WordPress’s fault

WordPress annoys me from time to time, but this time they've outdone themselves.  I think many of us have experienced legit comments ending up in our comments spam folder.  I just discovered that over the last month or so WordPress has been sending legit comments not just to my comment spam folder but also the … Continue reading If I’ve ignored you lately, it’s WordPress’s fault

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