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Annoying Blogger Outreach Tactics

I've been rather irritable lately, and as a result, I've fired off a couple of snarky emails in response to annoying blogger outreach emails from marketers. So I thought I'd write about it. What blogger outreach is Links matter to Google, and as a result, links matter to people who want attention from Google. Links… Continue reading Annoying Blogger Outreach Tactics

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Blogging and Writing

Tips on Generating Backlinks and Boosting Domain Authority

If you aren't trying to grow your blog out there in the world, this post will be completely irrelevant. This is a newer version/compilation of a couple of posts I've done before on building backlinks to your blog and domain authority. What is domain authority? Domain authority (DA) is a scoring system that was developed… Continue reading Tips on Generating Backlinks and Boosting Domain Authority

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Blogging and Writing

Easy SEO Basics for Bloggers

Search engine optimization (SEO) can seem pretty intimidating at first. However, there are some SEO basics that any blogger can implement that will not only make your posts more search engine friendly, but also make them more reader-friendly. In addition, WordPress looks for similar elements when making post recommendations to users in the WP Reader, so you… Continue reading Easy SEO Basics for Bloggers