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The “Attention-Seeking” Label and the Attitude it Reflects

The idea of labelling people as attention-seeking is not unique to mental illness, but it's certainly something that seems to come up an awful lot.  The labellers might be friends and family, but unfortunately, they may also be health care providers. I work as a nurse at a mental health and addictions facility.  One of … Continue reading The “Attention-Seeking” Label and the Attitude it Reflects

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No, We’re Not “Drug-seeking”

"Drug-seeking".  "Med-seeking".  They're labels with very negative connotations that are often tossed around quite freely when it comes to medications with the potential for abuse.  They tend to be applied most readily to people take pain medications or psychiatric medications. The notion of people being drug-seeking is heavily laden with judgment and stigma.  After all, … Continue reading No, We’re Not “Drug-seeking”

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Intersectionality and what it means for mental health

The concept of intersectionality was first proposed in 1989 by black feminist researcher Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw to represent the many different layers of social stratification that can combine to disadvantage people.  This includes factors like race, sexual orientation, social class, age, disability, and gender.  Expanding on this concept, sociologist Patricia Hill Collins described the intersectional points … Continue reading Intersectionality and what it means for mental health

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