Attitudes About Mental Illness That Make You Go Hmm…

While doing some research for my upcoming book on stigma, I came across a 2004 discussion paper on Stigma and Work. It was written by Heather Stuart, a public health faculty member at Queen's University in Canada. It quickly became clear that the author's PhD in epidemiology didn't prevent her from having some strange attitudes… Continue reading Attitudes About Mental Illness That Make You Go Hmm…

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Where Is Attempting Suicide Illegal?

I recently did a post on whether the wording "committed suicide" was likely to be an effective target for anti-stigma messaging. A commenter mentioned that in their home country, suicide was only decriminalized quite recently. That got me curious about where attempting suicide is illegal to this day. Why suicide first became illegal The Stanford… Continue reading Where Is Attempting Suicide Illegal?

RCMP Cst. Lacy Browning with her foot on Mona Wang's head during a wellness check

A Police “Wellness Check”/”Arrest” Gone Wrong

A still from the surveillance video shows Const. Lacy Browning stepping on student Mona Wang's head after a wellness check by the RCMP on Jan. 20. (Submitted by Bridge Law Corporation) I've written before about defunding the police as a way to approach the mismatch between a police approach and mental health. The picture above from… Continue reading A Police “Wellness Check”/”Arrest” Gone Wrong

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How Self-Stigma Happens

Public stigma, involving prejudice and discrimination from outsiders that's directed at us, is damaging enough as it is. But sometimes that stigma gets internalized into self-stigma, an unpleasant gift that keeps on giving. How self-stigma develops Researchers Patrick Corrigan (my academic crush) and Amy Watson described three broad types of reactions by people who are… Continue reading How Self-Stigma Happens

Language and mental illness: Committed suicide

Is “Committed Suicide” Worth Making an Issue Out Of?

I saw a post recently by another blogger about stigmatizing language to avoid. One of the things he mentioned was "committed suicide," which is something that comes up regularly in discussions of language use related to suicide. Personally, it's not a term I find offensive, although I know some people do, and I choose not… Continue reading Is “Committed Suicide” Worth Making an Issue Out Of?

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Emerging Blogger Series: Tori Talks

The emerging blogger series is aimed at community building through giving mental health bloggers who are early in their blogging evolution the opportunity to have their work seen by a wider audience.  It's also a way to introduce you as a reader to some newer members of our community. This post is by Tori Talks.… Continue reading Emerging Blogger Series: Tori Talks

Dialogue bubble that says "the police need to be protected from the mentally ill people" – There's a name for that – it's stigma
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There’s a Name For That — It’s Stigma

I'm pretty active on Pinterest, and sometimes I'll create new pins related to older blog posts. Recently, I created a pin asking whether people in mental health crisis should be handcuffed, and linked to a post I'd done on that topic and the stigma inherent in it. Once in a blue moon I'll get a… Continue reading There’s a Name For That — It’s Stigma

book cover: Shame Ate My Soul by Sue Walz
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Book Review: Shame Ate My Soul

Shame Ate My Soul is Susan Walz's personal story of rising above stigma, suicide attempts, addiction, and misdiagnosis, and eventually finding recovery. I've known Sue, who blogs at My Loud Whispers of Hope, since the beginning of my blogging journey. The book opens with a heartbreaking conversation with 2 of her 3 children, as they… Continue reading Book Review: Shame Ate My Soul

Happiness is a choice? Have you heard of mental illness?
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Happiness Is a Choice, My Ass

This was originally posted in 2018 in the early months of this blog.  I've decided to pull a few posts out of the archives where they were gathering dust, give them an overhaul, and bring them back to life.  It's a bit of an experiment, and here's the first one. "Happiness is a choice."  It's… Continue reading Happiness Is a Choice, My Ass

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Wounded Healer Interviews: Wrae Sanders

The wounded healer interview series features people who've dealt with significant mental health challenges, and who also work in a helping role to support the mental health of others. This interview is with Wrae Sanders of One Blog, One Day at a Time.   1) Tell us a bit about you, the helping field you’re… Continue reading Wounded Healer Interviews: Wrae Sanders