An identity milestone: the end of my career as a nurse - cartoon graphic of a nurse with a syringe
Sense of Self

An Identity Milestone: No Longer a Nurse

I mentioned in a recent weekend wrap-up that this was coming, and now it's here. As of today, I’m officially not a nurse any more. This isn't an abrupt transition by any means. I've known this was coming for a while now, and I’ve already been through a shuffling of role identities. My nurse identity… Continue reading An Identity Milestone: No Longer a Nurse

How much of your life is spent online, and how does that affect your mental health?
MHH Mental Health

How Much of Your Life Happens Online?

Up until a few years ago, my life was mostly lived "in the real world." The internet was a useful tool, but it wasn't so much a means of with others. My human contacts happened mostly in person, and I wasn't very good about maintaining connections with people I no longer saw in person for… Continue reading How Much of Your Life Happens Online?

Self-esteem building blocks - cartoon of alphabet blocks
Sense of Self

My Self-Esteem Building Blocks

Recently I was commenting on a post about self-esteem by Caz of Mental Health 360º and decided it was worth expanding on in a post of my own. I've always has good self-esteem, and this is what I've identified as the basic building blocks that support it. Inherent worth of humanity This is probably more… Continue reading My Self-Esteem Building Blocks

Depression and irritability - cartoon angry face
MHH Depression

“You Can Be a Real Bitch” – Depression and Irritability

Irritability can definitely be an issue sometimes because of my depression.  I seem to lose access to all of my more mature self, and revert to what may have worked best when I was five years old.  This can have a major impact on my behaviour, and sometimes I have let fly with yelling, screaming,… Continue reading “You Can Be a Real Bitch” – Depression and Irritability

What is... insights into psychology series
Insights into Psychology

What Is… Sex vs. Gender?

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychological terms.  This week's terms are sex vs. gender. As we near the end of Pride Month, I've spruced up this older post about terminology related to sex vs. gender. When I initially published it early last year, it got a few really… Continue reading What Is… Sex vs. Gender?

Letting go of a life before depression - graphic of butterflies flying off
MHH Depression

Letting Go of a Life Before Depression

g I've never been particularly interested in material things, and I don't accumulate a lot of stuff. I get satisfaction from getting rid of things, so every so often I'll do some paring down. A while back, I wrote about Depression and Closet/Identity Thinning, and whether I should get rid of the more dressy, feminine… Continue reading Letting Go of a Life Before Depression

A question of identity: What makes you, you?
Sense of Self

A Question of Identity: What Makes You, You?

I've written about this before in more general terms (What Does the Self Consist of?), but in this post I'll try to get a little more specific. I think a major part of the foundation of who we are is the sum of our life experiences.  No one else has had the exact same combination… Continue reading A Question of Identity: What Makes You, You?

Shifting identities - Venetian carnival masks
Sense of Self

Mental Illness Disability and Identity Shifts

mu; Role identity is a concept in sociology that refers to the identities that we build around the various socially defined roles that we fulfill.  Identity shifts can occur over time based on various factors, including the importance those roles play in our lives overall. Student was a key role identity for me for many… Continue reading Mental Illness Disability and Identity Shifts

What does the self consist of? - sketch of a woman's head
Sense of Self

What Does the Self Consist of?

What is it that makes you, you?  Is there even a self? Let's consider a few different approaches. Buddhism A fundamental concept in Buddhism is non-self.  The word Anatta is used for the principle that "there is in humans no permanent, underlying substance that can be called the soul" (Wikipedia).  The belief that there is… Continue reading What Does the Self Consist of?

woman's face with a decorative eye mask
Blogging and Writing

How Genuine Are You Online?

I got the idea for this post from a recent post by Kacha at Food.for.thoughts about social media and depression, and I think it's a relevant question for anyone who shares parts of themselves on the internet – how genuine are you online? Layers of communication In-person communication typically involves three levels: verbal, paraverbal (tone… Continue reading How Genuine Are You Online?