Book Review: My Life in Lists

Book cover: My Life in Lists by Nicole Barlettano

My Life in Lists by Nicole Barlettano is an illustrated journal full of list prompts.  The book is sectioned into past, present, and future-oriented lists.  There is a page for each prompt and accompanying lists, and there are 100 lists in the book.  There are also some blank illustrated pages at the back of the book so you can create your own lists.  The author writes that there’s no need to do it sequentially; it’s meant to be able to jump around.  She suggests writing in pencil so you can make changes over time.

The colour scheme is bright and predominantly blues and pinks.   There are cute shapes used for list entries, like banners pulled by planes for travel bucket list entries, or batteries for a list of things that energize you.  List topics range from challenges overcome to most embarrassing moments to never have I ever.

Several reviewers on NetGalley commented that this book seemed geared towards a younger audience.  I can see that in terms of the aesthetic, but the prompts themselves are pretty ageless.  It wouldn’t be my colour scheme of choice just out of personal preference, but the image below from the book’s Amazon listing gives a good idea of the overall look of the book.

page excerpts from My Life in Lists: Brain Bubbles list and Bright Ideas list

I think this journal would make a cute gift idea.

My Life in Lists is available on Amazon (affiliate link).

I received a reviewer copy of this book from NetGalley.

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