Book review: My Wellness Toolbox

Book cover: My Wellness Toolbox by Alison Swift

My Wellness Toolbox by Alison Swift is a collection of the strategies that she gradually accumulated through her recovery journey after hitting her own rock bottom.  Rather than preaching what does work, she shares what has worked for her so others struggling with their mental health can get some ideas to try out for themselves.  The book feels like the author is talking with rather than at the reader.

The book is short at only 49 pages, and provides bite-sized chapters for each individual tool, making it very easy to read.  Each tool is given effectiveness and ease ratings out of ten, and an approximate cost is provided.  The author also describes how different tools can be used together, and gives practical examples of how the tools can be implemented.  Inspirational quotes are used to support several of the tools.

The tools include a broad range of different activities.  Some take very little effort, like using essential oils.  Other tools take more work but have a big potential payoff, such as cognitive behavioural therapy and working on acceptance.  There are tools that can be used solo, as well as some that can be used interpersonally.  Most of the tools can be used by anybody, with the notable exception of hypnobirthing.

Not all of the tools are things that work for me, but that didn’t detract from my appreciation of the book overall, and I think there’s enough of a range that there is something for everyone in this book.

While this book would probably be the most useful for people in the earlier part in their recovery journey, it still includes good ideas for anyone, as well as good reminders of the tools we may already be using.  We all need to have a wellness toolbox, and the more tools that we can find that work for us the better.


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