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Book Review: Good Days and Bad Days

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Good Days and Bad Days: I Don’t Have To Like It, I Just Have To Live With It is a book about living with schizoaffective disorder, written by Mio Angelo of Mentally Ill in America.  He’s offering it for free; just contact him via his blog.

His determination is quickly apparent in such statements as:

“How could I be so good at communicating—I have schizoaffective disorder?! Simply—where a strong will is required that is where you’ll find me.”

He reiterates multiple times that for people living with his illness, medications are a necessity, especially to stay out of hospital.  “In short, if you want a life, take your meds!”  At the same time, he’s realistic about what medications can and can’t do, and the side effects that they can cause.

Despite being on a good medication, he explains that he still has symptoms of psychosis and depression.  Still, his overall message is optimistic that people can live better lives through treatment, self-development, and building new skills to cope with symptoms.  He also shares his concerns about the notion of recovery in the context of chronic psychotic illnesses.

He is open about his struggles as an ambitious individual to accept his illness-related limitations.  That same openness runs throughout the book.  If you’re familiar with Mio’s blog, it’s the same engaging, conversational tone used in the book.

This book offers a really good look at what it’s like to live with persistent symptoms of chronic mental illness, and still finding a way to do meaningful things.


You can contact Mio for a complimentary copy of his book.


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