Book Review: My Heart’s Song

Book cover: My Heart's Song by Maria Pratico

My Heart’s Song: Emotional Musings 3 is a book of poetry by Maria Pratico, who you may know from her blog Emotional Musings. She explains in the introduction that after a messy divorce, she realized that her purpose was to use her own experiences to help others heal. She describes the poems in the book as “pieces of my heart’s voice that rings through my soul, a playlist if you will.”

The poems cover a range of emotions, but common themes are hope, love, and gratitude. Maria’s faith in God is another major theme that’s woven through the book.

Despite the pain that Maria has experienced, the book also captures positives, including standing tall in herself, seeing life as a gift, and desiring to uplift others. She also speaks to her own journey of healing.

At the end of the poem Daybreak, there’s a note explaining how the poem reflects the desperate circumstances that finally led to a new dawn in her life.

The book concludes with a sweet dedication to her partner.

With this book, Maria offers readers a glimpse into her soul and her healing process, and it was great to be able to get to know her better that way.

My Heart’s Song is available on Amazon (affiliate link).

Maria’s blog is Emotional Musings.

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