Book Review: ADHD 101: Parents Edition by Sandy Pace

book cover: ADHD Parents Edition by Sandy Pace

ADHD 101: Parents Edition by Sandy Pace of Mental Health 101 is a guide to help parents effectively support their child with ADHD. It’s written from his perspective as a peer support worker, psychology major, person with ADHD, and child of parents who followed the what-not-to-do handbook when it came to handling the disorder.

The book repeatedly emphasizes the importance of getting health information and guidance from credible sources rather than from online sources with no credentials to back up what they’re saying. It covers some common misconceptions about ADHD and medications, and addresses concerns parents might have about health care providers. Medications are presented as an important part of ADHD treatment, but by no means the only part.

Throughout the book, parents are challenged to examine their own beliefs and biases, and how that might be affecting the way they approach their child’s conditions. Elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, including cognitive distortions, are incorporated.

There’s a chapter devoted to building your child up and empowering them rather than tearing them down. Sandy shares the consequences of being repeatedly knocked down by parents who refused to acknowledge his condition, and encourages readers to avoid heading down that path.

Points in the book are often laid out by number, so it’s easy to follow. It concludes with a set of questions to reflect on what’s been covered.

Sandy’s passion for the topic and personal connection is clear throughout the book. He doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to problematic attitudes, and “Karen” makes a few appearances. Hopefully this book will inspire readers to take a supportive and balanced approach to give their young ADHDer the best start possible.

ADHD 101: Parents Edition is available on Amazon (affiliate link).

You can visit Sandy on his blog Mental Health 101.

I received a free copy of this book.

You can find my other reviews on the MH@H book review index or on Goodreads.

14 thoughts on “Book Review: ADHD 101: Parents Edition by Sandy Pace”

  1. It’s also available now at the following places and it’s half off and thanks for the great review

  2. HDHD is a really big problem on schools.
    I jave an aftercare and one of the girls (grade 1) have HDHD really bad. Her father said he does not believe in the medicine that she needs. It makes me very angry.

  3. I knew a lady who had her grandson living with her. It suffered with ADHD and the doctor placed him on Ritalin. After some months the grandmother did not like what the medication was doing to her grandson. He was like a different person. I believe she told me that he was like a zombie walking around the house.
    She finally had enough and she had him stop taking the Ritalin. The doctor placed him on another medication.

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