Book Review: We Hide What We Hate About Ourselves

Book cover: We Hide What We Hate About Ourselves by Melody Finch

We Hide What We Hate About Ourselves is written by Melody Finch, who blogs as Caramel (Learner at Love).  This is the first book of her Learner at Love series, which she initially published in serial form on her blog.

The novel features protagonist Annabelle Riley as well as several significant men in her life.  While one of the key focal areas was Annabelle’s romantic relationship, this wasn’t a typical romance novel.

Much of the novel is set in the quaint little town of Blackwood.  Annabelle is quite popular there and is especially well-liked by some of the older residents she has become close to.  Annabelle is equally likeable for the reader, and it’s very easy to start rooting for her.  In fact, all of the characters quite likeable.

Annabelle’s character was well-developed, as were the male characters to a somewhat lesser extent.  Much of what the reader learns about the characters is through dialogue, which feels quite natural.  The title comes from a line by one of the male characters in the book.

Several of the characters have struggled with mental health issues, substance misuse, and problem gambling, and Annabelle’s ongoing mental health issues are openly discussed.

Annabelle has a number of unresolved issues that she works through over the course of the book, including relationship challenges and an unsupportive family.  Through her dialogue with other characters, the reader is able to see how she searches for some form of resolution.

This book covers only part of Annabelle’s story.  The end of this book wraps up with some closure around one important relationship in her life, and leaves her ready to forge ahead with another.  It certainly leaves the reader wanting to read the next book in the series to see how Annabelle’s story will continue to unfold.

We Hide What We Hate About Ourselves is available on Amazon (affiliate link).

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