Book Review: All She Wrote

Book cover: All She Wrote by Paula Light

All She Wrote: Catharsis & Absolution, is a book of poetry by Paula Light.  It focuses on the myriad emotions that go along with relationship heartbreak.  There are poems about narcissism, gaslighting, and other highly charged circumstances.  There’s also a poem about a non-starter online relationship and Google stalking.

Here are some of my favourite lines from the book.

“He sliced her in half
With a sword named Surrender”

“I learned to parallel park
By necessity
In the crowded airless
Of nothingness.
I confess,
I was served
The restraining order

“It transforms your narcissistic pumpkins
Into gilded porch swing coaxes.”

“Drag down the moon,
The pale baleful
Lenten Moon:
This shall be our wedding cake.”

There were some very creative, interesting word choices and combinations that provided rich descriptions and evoked emotions.

From the book description on Amazon: “Like a reverse murderer on the Orient Express, Paula’s poetry meanders unmasked through the train cars stabbing anonymous men in the dark.”  I suspect many of us have a few characters scattered throughout our pasts that we wouldn’t mind doing a little drive-by (train-by?) stabbing, so why not do it vicariously through Paula’s poetry?


Paula’s blog is Light Motifs II.


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