Book Review: Reflections: My Mad Memoirs!

Book cover: Reflections: My Mad Memoirs!

Looking for a distraction while you’re self-isolating? The description of Reflections: My Mad Memoirs! by indie author Kristina Bryson assures readers that:

If your life has been perfect then my memoirs will bore the pants off you. However, if you have been mentally battered and bruised by dysfunctional relationships, cursed by anxiety and panic attacks and believe that chocolate is the cure for everything then grab yourself a multipack.

The book begins with the author’s childhood, and the development of her belief that she wasn’t good enough, which was ingrained early by her dad’s criticism.

Throughout the book, she mentions her Psyche Protector, the voice that would pipe up in her head.  She dealt off and on with anxiety and panic attacks.  In the midst of a self-described nervous breakdown, her employer sent her to “Dr. Mad,” at which point she received “the medical diagnosis that I was nuts.”  While the author is light-hearted in her descriptions, she acknowledged how beneficial therapy was for her, and talked about the fear that she would be judged as weak if they saw her having a panic attack.

The book covers the ups and downs of her career and relationships, and her transition to farm life with her husband (horses and sheep and cows, oh my!).  There are tales like hightailing it away from her husband raging ex-wife and calling the Screaming Banshee Police.

What I liked most about this book was the light-hearted tone, and her ability to maintain a sense of humour regardless of what life threw at her.  And I think a little levity is something that would be good for all of us in these difficult times.

Reflections: My Mad Memoirs! is available on Amazon (affiliate link).

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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