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Book Review: Emotions in Motion

book cover: Emotions in Motion by Mathew Sackrider

Emotions in Motion: A Book of Poetry is Mathew Sackrider’s first book.  Like the title suggests, they are all very emotion-rich.  The poems are all on the longer side and multi-stanza, and various forms are used (which I, being non-poetic, don’t know the names of).

The book addresses a number of challenging topics.  The Steering Wheel contemplates following the brain’s urging to steer off the road.  No More Muted Voices is about speaking up about the difficult issues we see in the world around us

There are some very creative descriptions; one of my favourites was from I’ve Loved You Many Times Before: “A smile that cuts and burns.”

I really liked this line from A Man So Paranoid: “Rule number one in life, If you can’t beat ’em, Stay the hell away from them.”  I may not be paranoid, but that rule sounds pretty darn good to me.

Humour is also thrown into the mix, like this line from The Hauntings of Mary Jane: “Eating my ham-jam sandwich in bed, I’m overwhelmed with dread, And thoughts, And why do cows have such big heads?”

The book closes with a love poem, ending on a positive note.

I really enjoyed this collection, and look forward to reading more from Mat.


You can find Mat on Blog Of The Wolf Boy.

Emotions in Motion: A Book of Poetry is available on Amazon.


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