Mental health bullet journalling - image of a journal
Mental Health & Illness

Bullet Journalling Part III: Reflection

This is the last part in a little mini-series about journalling (the previous posts were on the basics and habit & symptom tracking). This post will look at journalling as a tool for reflection. I know some bloggers use their blog much like a journal. That was never really the direction I wanted to go… Continue reading Bullet Journalling Part III: Reflection

Leaning into reactions to recognize triggers: the role of introspection
Mental Health & Illness

Leaning into Reactions to Recognize Triggers

It's interesting what you can uncover if you lean into reactions, including triggers that weren't initially obvious. In this post, I'm using trigger in a general sense to refer to one thing bringing up (triggering) something else that's not directly related, rather than talking about trauma triggers that cause re-experiencing. What got me thinking about… Continue reading Leaning into Reactions to Recognize Triggers

What Is... Series (Insights into Psychology)
Insights into Psychology Series

What Is… Self-Esteem

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychology-related terms. This week's term is self-esteem. Self-esteem refers to the extent to which we perceive the various elements of our self-concept positively. It incorporates our physical self-image, how we feel about the things we've accomplished, how successful we consider ourselves to be… Continue reading What Is… Self-Esteem

How do you feel about feeling good? - cartoon of a smiling sun
Emotions & Cognition

Meta-Feelings: How Do You Feel About Feeling Good?

Do you make judgments when things are going well? The idea for this post came indirectly from Mark Manson via AP2 of Clear Air Turbulence. It's about meta-feelings. Like metacognition is thinking about thinking, meta-feeling is feelings about feelings. Mental illness, or even a lot of stress, can mean extended periods of time feeling rather… Continue reading Meta-Feelings: How Do You Feel About Feeling Good?

How does the inner critic get started? - cartoon of person burdened by negativity
Identity & Self

How Does the Inner Critic Get Started?

I've noticed that a lot of people in the blogging world have quite a strong inner critic. I don't, and II find it fascinating when it seems like people believe that they should self-criticize in order to do things properly, or in order to avoid being a bad person. So let's chat about it. To… Continue reading How Does the Inner Critic Get Started?

The tree of contemplative practices from The Contemplative Mind Foundation
Recovery and Well-being

Exploring Contemplative Practices

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society I first heard of the term contemplative practices when reading the book A Fearless Heart by Thupten Jinpa. This involves approaching an inner problem without avoidance or distraction. By establishing some mental space, you can consider the problem without getting caught up in the thoughts and emotions that… Continue reading Exploring Contemplative Practices

The emerging blogger series on Mental Health @ Home
Community Features

Journaling: Good vs. Evil (Guest Post)

In this emerging blogger post, Valerie Rice of The Tiny Couch writes about the good and the bad of journaling for mental health, and how to find balance. Journaling: Good Vs.Evil We have probably all heard about the therapeutic technique of journaling. Some of us might even keep a journal or diary on our nightstands,… Continue reading Journaling: Good vs. Evil (Guest Post)

Self-esteem building blocks - cartoon of alphabet blocks
Identity & Self

My Self-Esteem Building Blocks

Recently I was commenting on a post about self-esteem by Caz of Mental Health 360º and decided it was worth expanding on in a post of my own. I've always had pretty good self-esteem, and this is what I've identified as the basic building blocks that support it. Inherent worth of humanity This is probably… Continue reading My Self-Esteem Building Blocks

The Wounded Healer Series from Mental Health @ Home
Community Features

Wounded Healer Interview: Kacha

The wounded healer interview series features people who've dealt with significant mental health challenges, and who also work in a helping role to support the mental health of others. This interview is with Kacha of Food.for.Thoughts. Image credit: CleanPNG Wounded Healer, Who Is Looking in the Mirror Tell us a bit about you, the helping… Continue reading Wounded Healer Interview: Kacha

Mental Health @ Home book review: 52 Small Changes for the Mind
MH@H Book Reviews

Book Review: 52 Small Changes for the Mind

52 Small Changes for the Mind by Brett Blumenthal lays out a year-long series of weekly small changes to improve your overall mental wellbeing. It's not specifically geared towards people dealing with mental illness, but there are plenty of common sense, realistic ideas that could be useful for anyone. Each of the book's 52 chapters… Continue reading Book Review: 52 Small Changes for the Mind