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The mindful RAIN acronym: recognize, allow, investigate kindly, non-identification

It’s RAIN-ing Mindfulness

My friends at WeDIDitPTSD recently brought up Jack Kornfield‘s approach to RAIN, a mindfulness meditation for dealing with overwhelm, and I thought I’d explore that further in a post. RAIN, which is based on Buddhist teachings, was first described by Insight Meditation Society teacher Michele McDonald. Rain acronym R: Recognition The R is about exploring …

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Mental Health @ Home book review: Your Wellness Toolbox

Book Review: Your Wellness Toolbox

Your Wellness Toolbox by Ali Swift is a follow-up to her first book, My Wellness Toolbox, which I previously reviewed. Both books are based on her own experience of what has helped with depression and anxiety. This book contains 14 new tools, including descriptions of the circumstances struggling with her mental health in which the …

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Action for Happiness calendar January 2021

Action for Happiness: More Than Just “Choose Happiness”

I’m definitely not a fan of the whole toxic positivity business, and no, happiness is not a choice (or at least not always). But a while back I stumbled across the Action for Happiness website, and I like their style. I was looking through my journal and came across the 8 pillars of joy I’d …

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The emerging blogger series on Mental Health @ Home

Dealing with Depression When Help Isn’t Available (Guest Post)

In this emerging blogger post, La Protagoniste writes about trying to deal with depression when outside help is unavailable. It is really confusing when you have a condition that you do not have a blame for. The thoughts that cross your mind are that you must be the only one going through it. It sometimes …

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Modern and abstract colourful cat paint by numbers from Winnie's Picks

Painting as a Mindfulness Activity

Disclosure: I received a free paint by numbers kit from Winnie’s Picks, but all opinions are my own. I probably hadn’t done any kind of painting since elementary school. I’m not visually artistic at all; all of my creativity comes out in words. But when Winnie’s Picks reached out to me, I thought it sounded …

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What Is... Series (Insights into Psychology)

What Is… Neuroplasticity

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychology-related terms. This week, we’re taking a bit of a detour to look at neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to make changes to itself in response to conditions and experiences, including forming new neuronal connections. This ability is maintained in adulthood, although it’s …

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How music affects the brain and mood

How Music Affects the Brain and Mood

When a fellow blogger asked what the science/psychology behind music and its positive effects on motivation and mood might be, and of course, my virtual ears perked up, and I decided to do some exploring. Music can activate several brain structures, including the amygdala, which is involved in trauma responses. Processing music is complex and …

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MH@H book review: Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff

Book Review: Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff

Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself is written by Kristin Neff, a prominent researcher in the area of self-compassion. It includes research findings, a variety of exercises with room to complete them in the book, and stories from the author’s personal experience. The author draws on Buddhist teachings, and she writes that: …

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The moving target of mental illness recovery: more of a journey than a destination

The Moving Target of Mental Illness Recovery

You hear quite a bit about mental health recovery, but what does that actually entail? An Australian National Standards for Mental Health Services document from 2010 defines recovery as: … gaining and retaining hope, understanding of ones abilities and disabilities, engagement in an active life, personal autonomy, social identity, meaning and purpose in life, and …

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You don't need to be positive - there's room for other emotions too

You Don’t Need to Be Positive

Toxic positivity is essentially the idea that happy and positive is the only right way to be, and therefore, people need to cheer up, look on the bright side, think positive, choose happiness, allow good vibes only, etc. It also shows up in the “it could be worse” guilt trip mentality. You’re not in ICU …

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