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Emerging Blogger Series: Brenda (BNHealthMatters)

This post is by Brenda of BNHealthMatters. PxHere What I Have Learnt About Grief I don’t know when you first dealt with the topic of death but mine must have been during my pre-teen years when a friend passed away in a drowning accident.  Her family had gone for an outing and upon their return,… Continue reading Emerging Blogger Series: Brenda (BNHealthMatters)

Action for Happiness calendar January 2021
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Action for Happiness: More Than Just “Choose Happiness”

Action for Happiness I'm definitely not a fan of the whole toxic positivity, happiness is a choice nonsense. But a while back I stumbled across the Action for Happiness website, and I like their style. I was looking through my journal and came across the 8 pillars of joy I'd made note of from The… Continue reading Action for Happiness: More Than Just “Choose Happiness”

book cover: The Gratitude Project
Book Reviews

Book Review: The Gratitude Project

The Gratitude Project, edited by Jeremy Adam Smith et al., is a project of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley in California. It includes chapters by a number of different authors on various aspects of gratitude. I liked that the book took a realistic approach to what gratitude can and can not do.… Continue reading Book Review: The Gratitude Project

Collect moments not things
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International Day of Happiness

I've seen a few people mention online that it's the International Day of Happiness.  I was a bit skeptical, so I took a look at the website,  This year's theme is "Happier Together, focusing on what we have in common, rather than what divides us."  They have a Ten Keys to Happier Living guidebook,… Continue reading International Day of Happiness

letters of the alphabet arranged in heart shape
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Gratitude from A to Z

Liz at My Wellbeing and Learning Journey is doing a challenge to identify something to feel grateful for starting with each letter of the alphabet (X and Z just have to contain, not necessarily start with, those letters).  I thought I would join in. A-romatherapy: very pleasant and relaxingB-edtime: my favourite time of the dayC-ondo: I've… Continue reading Gratitude from A to Z

Random Acts of Kindness Day: Make Kindness a Habit - handprints with hearts in the centre
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There Are No Small Acts of Kindness

I have found so much kindness in the blogging community.  When I'm struggling, I can always count on getting words of support.  When I'm feeling discouraged about blogging or anything else, I always get lovely words of encouragement.  The kindness that we show each other is one of the things that makes the blogging community,… Continue reading There Are No Small Acts of Kindness

gold cocker spaniel puppy
My Life Journey

My Favourite Simple Things & Other Lists

Sometimes the simplest things in life are some of the best.  Here are a few of my favourite simple things: guinea pig kisseswatching the guinea pigs sleepingthe combination of chocolate and peanut buttercozy blanketssoaps from Lushbedtimetoasty slippersmoisturizerthe simple beauty of natureteafocaccia bread and balsamic vinegarbaguette and briethe feeling of sun on my facebirdsong at dawnthe… Continue reading My Favourite Simple Things & Other Lists