Gratitude from A to Z

Liz at My Wellbeing and Learning Journey is doing a challenge to identify something to feel grateful for starting with each letter of the alphabet (X and Z just have to contain, not necessarily start with, those letters).  I thought I would join in.

  • A-romatherapy: very pleasant and relaxing
  • B-edtime: my favourite time of the day
  • C-ondo: I’ve lived in my home for 13 years and it feels very safe, plus it’s paid off
  • D-awn: I always wake up early and get to see the pretty colours of the sky
  • E-very country I’ve had the opportunity to travel to
  • F-ood
  • G-uinea pigs: cute, cuddly, and entirely non-judgmental
  • H-elping others: I’m glad when I can make a positive difference for someone else
  • I-nsurance: makes my meds a lot more affordable.
  • J-ournalling
  • K-indness of others
  • L-ush soap: a nice little indulgence every morning
  • M-assage
  • N-ature: flowers trees, birds, and the rest of the natural world
  • O-pen-mindedness: if only there were more of it in the world
  • P-illow: I got a new pillow recently and it’s absolutely perfect
  • Q-uestioning: I’m grateful to have a curious mind that always wants to know more
  • R-eading
  • S-ocks: I have cold feet, so a cozy pair of socks is nice
  • T-ea: I love to sit and enjoy my tea when I first get up in the morning
  • U-nhealthy but yummy treats like Ben & Jerry’s
  • V-ancouver: the wonderful city where I live
  • W-ordpress: the blogging community is very important to me
  • X-enophilia: the opposite of xenophobia, and something we could use a lot more of in this world
  • Y-oga: restorative yoga is a good chance to find relaxation
  • Z-ippy: one of my guinea pigs that passed away earlier this year.

Are you up for the challenge?

44 thoughts on “Gratitude from A to Z

  1. myauthenticmind88 says:

    I never realized you lived in Vancouver, BC. I lived on the west coast/BC for all my teen years into my mid twenties. I miss it and would love to move back, but it’s so expensive. I lived on a very remote island called Haida Gwaii (North of Vancouver, use to be named The Queen Charlotte Islands) maybe you have heard of it living in BC? Not many people have out east I can tell you that lol. Now I somehow ended up in Michigan, US. Haha Minus Trump being president and I strongly disagree with USA politics, Michigan is super cheap and the people are similar to Canadians I find. Most are very polite and friendly. I will miss the west coast though until I decide to move back as I still have high hopes in doing so. xD

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      • myauthenticmind88 says:

        It’s expensive to travel there and goods, cost of living etc is more expensive because everything has to be shipped to the island. But it is WORTH the visit. Every penny. Haha. I have been all around BC, and Haida Gwaii remains one of my favorite places. I like Vancouver, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, but I want to move away from the city. I don’t think I could live in Vancouver, but would over some other places. lol

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  2. Bookish Therapy says:

    A – Art
    B – Books
    C – Counselling
    D – Dreams
    E – Evenings
    F – Flowers
    G – Guidance
    H – Hygge
    I – Income
    J – Jigsaws
    K – Kindness
    L – Light
    M – Minimalism
    N – NaNoWriMo
    O – Origami
    P – Penguins
    Q – Quiet
    R – Rain
    S – Safety
    T – Time
    U – Understanding
    V – Values
    W – Weekends
    X – Xyloglyphy
    Y – YouTube
    Z – Zzzzzzz

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  3. Jess says:

    What a great idea!! And I agree with many of your items, including yoga and tea. And, um, your piggies also make me happy, even though I’ll never meet them, lol.

    …not so keen on the sunrises though…… night owl here!

    I really wanna do this on my blog now :). May I?

    Liked by 2 people

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