book cover: Shattered by the Darkness by Gregory Williams

Book Review: Shattered by the Darkness

Shattered by the Darkness: Putting the Pieces Back Together After Child Abuse by Gregory Williams is a heart-wrenching account of childhood sexual abuse perpetrated by the author's father over many years. The book contains detailed descriptions of sexual abuse, sometimes with multiple abusers.  There is nothing gratuitously graphic in the descriptions, but readers who have … Continue reading Book Review: Shattered by the Darkness

Revenge of Eve title: A New Rainy Day and an Idea

A New Rainy Day

Revenge of Eve has an idea for an amazing art project to promote healing from child/youth molestation.

Revenge of Eve

Today has started

Today I have woke in a significantly better space. My sleep was a bit restless as I tossed and turned. An idea came to mind about creating a canvass and that idea kept me thinking about my own experience. Not an experience that I wanted to keep me awake, I will say that. One of being molested at the age of fourteen. I was a willing participant in the act but I can’t help but to think of how sick the 32 year old man was/is. Although I was willing how can a man for one minute believe that a fourteen year old knows what she is doing when it comes to sex and the activities that it involves. It is disturbing to say the least. Disturbing that I thought it was cool that a man of his age would want anything to do with a young…

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book cover: Living with Vaginismus by Victoria Johnston

Book review: Living With Vaginismus

In Living with Vaginismus: Dealing with the World's Most Painful Pleasure, Victoria Johnston provides a comprehensive overview of this pelvic pain condition.  She opens up about her own personal experience in order to try to raise awareness about an issue that most people either don't know about and/or aren't comfortable talking about. Vaginismus involves the … Continue reading Book review: Living With Vaginismus

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How trauma-informed practice can improve mental health care

So, what is it to be trauma-informed?  Trauma-informed practice recognizes the intersectionality of trauma, mental health, and substance abuse, and involves an awareness that anyone may have experienced trauma, whether they have disclosed it or not.  Trauma-informed practice aims to create environments that prevent re-traumatization and promote a sense of safety.  The individual client's safety, … Continue reading How trauma-informed practice can improve mental health care

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Why isn’t Complex PTSD in the DSM-5?

While many sources of trauma are time-limited, some occur repeatedly over prolonged periods of time.  The term complex PTSD is used to capture the profound psychological harm these people exposed to the latter have experienced, including changes in self-concept, problems with emotional regulation, distorted perceptions of the perpetrator, and impaired relationships with others. There are … Continue reading Why isn’t Complex PTSD in the DSM-5?

adverse childhood experiences pyramid

What we can learn about trauma from the ACEs study

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study was a landmark research trial conducted by Kaiser Permanente and the U.S. Center for Disease Control.  The study examined the correlation between adverse experiences in childhood and health outcomes in adult, and clearly showed just how profound that connection is. The study participants were asked to report whether they … Continue reading What we can learn about trauma from the ACEs study