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MH@H Store New Items for October

Here are this month's new releases on the Mental Health @ Home Store: Finding forgiveness guided journal (FREE) includes prompts to help you in your journey to find whatever form of forgiveness that will help you to feel greater freedom PTSD treatment options overview mini-ebook, which covers the major evidence-based treatment options for PTSD, including EMDR and … Continue reading MH@H Store New Items for October

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Guest post (Johnzelle Anderson) – EMDR Therapy

I have a guest blog for you today, from Johnzelle of Panoramic Counseling. EMDR Therapy Francine Shapiro is a legend in the mental health community. She made the groundbreaking discovery that launched the EMDR therapy movement in 1987. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy.  Shapiro didn’t set out to create a new … Continue reading Guest post (Johnzelle Anderson) – EMDR Therapy

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Mental Health @ Home Insights into psychology: flashbacks

What is… a flashback?

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychological terms.  This week's term: flashbacks Flashbacks involve the intense, vivid re-experiencing of memories as though they're occurring in the present tense.  This most often happens with trauma-related memories.  The flashbacks are usually involuntary and intrusive, and don't result from a conscious attempt … Continue reading What is… a flashback?

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Why isn’t Complex PTSD in the DSM-5?

While many sources of trauma are time-limited, some occur repeatedly over prolonged periods of time.  The term complex PTSD is used to capture the profound psychological harm these people exposed to the latter have experienced, including changes in self-concept, problems with emotional regulation, distorted perceptions of the perpetrator, and impaired relationships with others. There are … Continue reading Why isn’t Complex PTSD in the DSM-5?

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