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Why isn’t Complex PTSD in the DSM-5?

While many sources of trauma are time-limited, some occur repeatedly over prolonged periods of time.  The term complex PTSD is used to capture the profound psychological harm these people exposed to the latter have experienced, including changes in self-concept, problems with emotional regulation, distorted perceptions of the perpetrator, and impaired relationships with others. There are … Continue reading Why isn’t Complex PTSD in the DSM-5?

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Book cover: If I could tell you how it feels by Alexis Rose

Book review: If I Could Tell You How It Feels

If I Could Tell You How It Feels: My Life Journey With PTSD captures Alexis Rose's journey toward healing from PTSD.  The book consists of narratives interspersed with poetry, along with beautiful art by Janet Rosauer.  The chapters are short, which I always appreciate since it makes it easier for readers with concentration problems, and they … Continue reading Book review: If I Could Tell You How It Feels

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TED Talks on Trauma

This week's round of TED Talks are focused on trauma and come from a diverse range of experiences.       Nadine Burke Harris: How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime https://embed.ted.com/talks/nadine_burke_harris_how_childhood_trauma_affects_health_across_a_lifetime  In this talk, Nadine Burke Harris passionately addresses the findings of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study.  This study found a significant … Continue reading TED Talks on Trauma

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