Trigger warnings: Useful or overused? - graphic of red triangle with an exclamation point
Mental Health

Are Trigger Warnings Useful?

I saw the topic of trigger warnings circulating in the blogosphere recently, and I though I'd chime in with my own thoughts. In a very general sense, a trigger is one thing causing another to occur. What's particular to people with a trauma history is that what's being triggered is re-experiencing, such as having a… Continue reading Are Trigger Warnings Useful?

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Science, Pseudoscience, & Media Literacy

The “Free” Things Online Are Never Actually Free

su This came to mind recently because of a comment I saw on someone's blog to do with a news site requiring a subscription to read article. With the explosion of the internet in recent years and the vast amount of content that's available, we've come to expect things to be free. Except none of… Continue reading The “Free” Things Online Are Never Actually Free

RCMP Cst. Lacy Browning with her foot on Mona Wang's head during a wellness check

A Police “Wellness Check”/”Arrest” Gone Wrong

A still from the surveillance video shows Const. Lacy Browning stepping on student Mona Wang's head after a wellness check by the RCMP on Jan. 20. (Submitted by Bridge Law Corporation) I've written before about defunding the police as a way to approach the mismatch between a police approach and mental health. The picture above from… Continue reading A Police “Wellness Check”/”Arrest” Gone Wrong

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Science, Pseudoscience, & Media Literacy

Separating Fake News From Fact

Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay The term fake news has been popularized by the current U.S. president, but how good are we at distinguishing fact from fiction?  The volume of information on the internet is truly astonishing.  There's quite a bit of good, but also a whole lot of crap.  Sometimes, it's fairly easy to tell that a website… Continue reading Separating Fake News From Fact