RCMP Cst. Lacy Browning with her foot on Mona Wang's head during a wellness check

A Police “Wellness Check”/”Arrest” Gone Wrong

A still from the surveillance video shows Const. Lacy Browning stepping on student Mona Wang's head after a wellness check by the RCMP on Jan. 20. (Submitted by Bridge Law Corporation) I've written before about defunding the police as a way to approach the mismatch between a police approach and mental health. The picture above from… Continue reading A Police “Wellness Check”/”Arrest” Gone Wrong

Dialogue bubble that says "the police need to be protected from the mentally ill people" – There's a name for that – it's stigma
Mental health, Stigma

There’s a Name For That — It’s Stigma

I'm pretty active on Pinterest, and sometimes I'll create new pins related to older blog posts. Recently, I created a pin asking whether people in mental health crisis should be handcuffed, and linked to a post I'd done on that topic and the stigma inherent in it. Once in a blue moon I'll get a… Continue reading There’s a Name For That — It’s Stigma