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Profiles in Tremendousness

Profiles in Tremendousness is a segment on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah that pokes fun at the competency (and lack thereof) of various characters in the Trump White House.  I'm going to borrow that idea to take a look at the less than stellar characters I've come across in my mental health journey. Difficult… Continue reading Profiles in Tremendousness

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Do Antidepressants Work? What a New Meta-Analysis Says.

Do antidepressants work? There's a lot of stigma around psychiatric medications, and plenty of people would argue that no, antidepressants don't work. There are also people, that argue that medication is life-saving. Those are personal experiences, but what does the research have to say? A recent paper published in the Lancet, and reported on in… Continue reading Do Antidepressants Work? What a New Meta-Analysis Says.