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Is Chiropractic What It Claims To Be?

Spine Logo vector created by roserodionova - Let's say your back hurts.  You go to a chiropractor, over a few visits they crack a few joints, and that's all she wrote, right?  That's certainly what I used to think about chiropractic.  The thing is, though, there's some modern back cracking practice built on some… Continue reading Is Chiropractic What It Claims To Be?

U.S. government message: Pre-existing condition? Don't worry, you're covered.
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I Have a Pre-Existing Condition

As a Canadian, the fact that I have a pre-existing health condition doesn't affect my ability to access basic healthcare. Our health care system certainly isn't perfect, but our publicly funded system costs a heck of a lot less than the privatized system in the United States.  Unfortunately, things look like they could get a… Continue reading I Have a Pre-Existing Condition