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Should People with Addictions Be Forced to Attend AA?

A nurse that I used to work with developed an addiction a number of years back.  When it came out, in order to have any hope of getting his job and his nursing license back, he was required to see an addictions specialist and adhere to the treatment plan that was set out.  One of… Continue reading Should People with Addictions Be Forced to Attend AA?

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Mental health

Barriers to mental health care for mental health professionals

Check out this post I've written on Psyche about the challenges accessing mental health services as a mental health professional myself.  It's been chosen as a staff pick by Vocal Media, which I'm über-excited about.  

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Legislated Stigma

johnhain on Pixabay Stigma can be found in many places, even places where we might like to think it shouldn't be.  One such place where I have found it is in government legislation, hence the title of this post, legislated stigma. Mandatory reporting of hospitalized nurses As a registered nurse, my professional license is through… Continue reading Legislated Stigma

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Profiles in Tremendousness

Profiles in Tremendousness is a segment on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah that pokes fun at the competency (and lack thereof) of various characters in the Trump White House.  I'm going to borrow that idea to take a look at the less than stellar characters I've come across in my mental health journey. Difficult… Continue reading Profiles in Tremendousness