Can you manifest a purple people eater?
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Can You Manifest a Purple People Eater?

Manifestation is all over the internet, part of the whole law of attraction vibrational package. Because I have a bit (or a lot) of a fixation on purple people eaters, they'll help us see what we might or might not be able to manifest. The purple monster critter in the image above is someone I've… Continue reading Can You Manifest a Purple People Eater?

Are there actually toxic people, or is that just a toxic positivity label?
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The “Toxic Person” Label and Mental Illness

The internet is full of talk about toxic people. Searching for "toxic person" yields 295 million hits on Google. That's a whole lotta toxicity. If someone is abusive, you deserve to a) be free from them, and b) call them toxic or whatever else you might choose. But those 295 million online hits aren't all… Continue reading The “Toxic Person” Label and Mental Illness

Should you avoid negative people? - "Good vibes only" painted in watercolours
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“Should” You Avoid Negative People?

Along the lines of "choose happiness," you may have seen the message "good vibes only," or something along the lines of getting rid of negative people from your life. But where do people who aren't well fit into this? To be clear, I'm not talking about people who are negative about you. If someone is… Continue reading “Should” You Avoid Negative People?

Happiness is not a choice – group of emojis with happy face marked unavailable
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Happiness Is Not a Choice

"Happiness is a choice." It's a message that you probably come across fairly often. While it's probably meant to be motivational and positive most of the time, I think it's an idea that, if you start to poke at it a bit, has some fundamental flaws. The fallacy of happiness as a choice There's a… Continue reading Happiness Is Not a Choice

It gets better... or does it? With chronic mental illness, you can't be sure
MH@H Mental Health

It Gets Better… Or Does It?

On a fairly regular basis, I see messaging along the lines of "it gets better," or some variation thereof. While the intention behind it is good, I'm not convinced that it's useful on a broad scale because it's not necessarily true. There's a U.S.-based non-profit organization called It Gets Better that provides support to LGBTQ+ youth… Continue reading It Gets Better… Or Does It?

You don't need to be positive - there's room for other emotions too
MH@H Mental Health

You Don’t Need to Be Positive

Toxic positivity is essentially the idea that happy and positive is the only right way to be, and therefore, people need to cheer up, look on the bright side, think positive, choose happiness, allow good vibes only, etc. It also shows up in the "it could be worse" guilt trip mentality. You're not in ICU… Continue reading You Don’t Need to Be Positive

Book cover: Bright-sided by Barbara Ehrenreich
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Book Review: Bright-Sided by Barbara Enhrenreich

Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking is Undermining America by Barbara Ehrenreich was recommended by a fellow writer on who, like me, has chronic treatment-resistant depression. The book looks at how expectations of positive thinking, with no room for anything else, are actually harming our society. The author doesn't use the term toxic positivity, but she's… Continue reading Book Review: Bright-Sided by Barbara Enhrenreich

two smiling stuffed toys- one says happy, the other says keep on smiling
MH@H Mental Health

How Well Does Positive Psychology Apply to Mental Illness?

The basic idea of positive psychology is a good one.  Who doesn't want to feel happier and the other positive emotions that go along with that? The essentials of positive psychology According to, positive psychology focuses on the positive aspects of life, including: "Positive experiences (like happiness, joy, inspiration, and love)" "Positive states and… Continue reading How Well Does Positive Psychology Apply to Mental Illness?

Do thoughts vibrate? What the law of attraction says vs what science says
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Do Thoughts Vibrate as the Law of Attraction Claims?

I regularly read or hear someone talking about vibrational frequencies and how thoughts vibrate and all that jazz. This is often in relation to the so-called law of attraction. This concept doesn't stay in the metaphorical realm; instead, it's not uncommon to see quantum physics being used to justify these kinds of ideas. It annoys… Continue reading Do Thoughts Vibrate as the Law of Attraction Claims?

Identifying emotions - image of Plutchik's emotion wheel
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Identifying Emotions

Sydtomcat, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons What exactly are emotions? Well, there's no easy answer to that; it depends on who you ask and what their theoretical perspective is. But regardless of how we define them, how do we describe them? That can be easier said than done. There's even a psychiatric term, alexithymia,… Continue reading Identifying Emotions