Can you manifest a purple people eater?
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Can You Manifest a Purple People Eater?

Manifestation is all over the internet, part of the whole law of attraction vibrational package. Because I have a bit (or a lot) of a fixation on purple people eaters, they'll help us see what we might or might not be able to manifest. The purple monster critter in the image above is someone I've… Continue reading Can You Manifest a Purple People Eater?

book cover: Mindful as F*ck by Emily Horn
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Book Review: Mindful as F*ck

Mindful as F*ck by Emily Horn is aimed at people who've slept through yoga and can't stand green juice. It's lighthearted, and provides 100 mindfulness exercises for readers to try. The exercises draw on meditation, yoga, Buddhism, Ayurveda, reiki, chakra healing, and the law of attraction. The book is part mindfulness with a big dollop… Continue reading Book Review: Mindful as F*ck

"High vibration" essential oils: do they really vibrate, or is that just pseudoscience?
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“High Vibration”? Essential Oil Frequency Debunked

I'm a very science-minded person, and one of the things that really grates my rutabagas is when people make things up and call it science. In particular, I'm not impressed with pseudoscientific made-up vibrations, and especially the made-up idea of vibrating thoughts, law of attraction style. Somehow, the notion of essential oil frequencies and "high… Continue reading “High Vibration”? Essential Oil Frequency Debunked

Should you avoid negative people? - "Good vibes only" painted in watercolours
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“Should” You Avoid Negative People?

Along the lines of "choose happiness," you may have seen the message "good vibes only," or something along the lines of getting rid of negative people from your life. But where do people who aren't well fit into this? To be clear, I'm not talking about people who are negative about you. If someone is… Continue reading “Should” You Avoid Negative People?

Happiness is not a choice – group of emojis with happy face marked unavailable
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Happiness Is Not a Choice

"Happiness is a choice." It's a message that you probably come across fairly often. While it's probably meant to be motivational and positive most of the time, I think it's an idea that, if you start to poke at it a bit, has some fundamental flaws. The fallacy of happiness as a choice There's a… Continue reading Happiness Is Not a Choice

lightbulb surround by math and science symbols
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How to Spot Pseudoscience

One of my major pet peeves is pseudoscience, which Google defines as "a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method." There's a lot of pseudoscience out there in the world that can spread easily and quickly via the internet, and it often astonishes me what people will believe. There's… Continue reading How to Spot Pseudoscience

Do thoughts vibrate? What the law of attraction says vs what science says
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Do Thoughts Vibrate as the Law of Attraction Claims?

I regularly read or hear someone talking about vibrational frequencies and how thoughts vibrate and all that jazz. This is often in relation to the so-called law of attraction. This concept doesn't stay in the metaphorical realm; instead, it's not uncommon to see quantum physics being used to justify these kinds of ideas. It annoys… Continue reading Do Thoughts Vibrate as the Law of Attraction Claims?