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Are Chakras Real or Pseudoscience?

Have you aligned your chakras today?  Or perhaps you've wondered if the whole chakra craze is a bit over the top.  And maybe you can guess what my take on the matter is. Traditional concept of chakras The concept of chakras first emerged in India in the first century BCE, in Hindu and then later… Continue reading Are Chakras Real or Pseudoscience?

Is the law of attraction real? - graphics of magnets and the logo of The Secret
Science, Pseudoscience, & Media Literacy

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

At one point I had come home from an extended stay in hospital, and because ECT had wiped out a chunk of memory, I discovered things in my house that I had no idea how they had gotten there.  One of those things I found was a book on the law of attraction. At first… Continue reading Is the Law of Attraction Real?