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Identity and relationships

How do we connect with others?

The ways we can connect with others have changed a great deal since I was a kid in the 80s.  Technology is light years ahead of where it used to be, which makes connecting easier in some ways, but mental illness likes to get in the way and put up roadblocks. Back in the 80s,… Continue reading How do we connect with others?

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The Cave My Depression Built

Glavo on Pixabay I live in a figurative cave that is of my own making (although I suppose of my depression's making would be more accurate).  I have pushed nearly everyone out of my life, and while that is occasionally lonely, it feels much easier. My oldest friend keeps trying to remain in my life,… Continue reading The Cave My Depression Built

Strong at the Broken Places by Richard M. Cohen book cover
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Book Review: Strong at the Broken Places

Strong at the Broken Places: Voices of Illness, a Chorus of Hope is an intimate look at living with chronic illness.  Author Richard M. Cohen, who himself has multiple sclerosis, works with five participants who have various chronic illnesses to capture their stories and help others understand the overwhelming toll that chronic illness can take. … Continue reading Book Review: Strong at the Broken Places

Mental health

Reining in the thought gremlins

One of the (many) things I'm working on is checking myself on my thought gremlins – depression-related misinterpretations of things happening around me.  Not stopping the misinterpretations (I'm nowhere close to being ready for that yet), but noticing them for what they are. This past weekend I was exchanging emails with someone in my life… Continue reading Reining in the thought gremlins

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Mental health

Finding safety without armour

I've had a pretty shitty last couple of years.  There have been multiple people in a variety of different contexts who have treated me like crap, including people whose role (in theory) was to help me.  While I don't have PTSD, I do feel traumatized by the things that have happened to me, and that… Continue reading Finding safety without armour

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Identity and relationships, Mental health

Feeling Like a Stranger in My Own Family

I never would have thought that I would feel like a stranger in my own family. Depression changed everything, though. I spent Christmas with my family this year.  It was a small gathering - just my parents, my brother, his fiancee, and me.  Except it didn't feel small; it seemed like there were far too… Continue reading Feeling Like a Stranger in My Own Family