different social privileges and the related social burdens
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Another Way of Looking at Social Privilege

Lately white privilege has been a hot topic. The people I've come across who take a stance against the idea of white privilege seem to have in common the line of thinking that they haven't been handed anything, so how can they have social privilege? I thought it might be worth reframing social privilege in… Continue reading Another Way of Looking at Social Privilege

Black lives matter
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Why I Use My Voice to Say Black Lives Matter

Through our shared humanity, all lives matter. So why is it important to talk about black lives mattering? All lives should matter equally. That is the ideal, and probably most of us would agree that it's the "right" thing. Unfortunately, though, in practice, not all lives are given equal value. An obvious example would be… Continue reading Why I Use My Voice to Say Black Lives Matter

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Nevertheless, she persisted

In 2017, during Jeff Session's confirmation hearing to be attorney general, Senator Elizabeth Warren raised concerns about Sessions' civil rights record. After quoting a statement made by former Senator Ted Kennedy in 1986, that Sessions was a disgrace to the Justice Department, Senator Warren proceeded to read a letter from Coretta Scott King that was written… Continue reading Nevertheless, she persisted

Justin Trudeau in Aladdin costume with brownface
Social issues & social justice

Halloween, Blackface, and Cultural Appropriation

Time.com Not long ago, a photo was forwarded to Time.com from a 2001 yearbook of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who was a teacher at the time, dressed in an Aladdin costume that included brownface makeup.  It caused quite a stir, with some people criticizing him as being racist. Since it's Halloween, it seems like… Continue reading Halloween, Blackface, and Cultural Appropriation

many arrows pointing at the central intersection
Mental health, Social issues & social justice

Intersectionality and What it Means for Mental Health

Black feminist researcher Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw first proposed the concept of intersectionality in 1989 by to represent the many different layers of social stratification that can combine to disadvantage people.  This includes factors like race, sexual orientation, social class, age, disability, and gender.  Expanding on this concept, sociologist Patricia Hill Collins described the intersectional points as… Continue reading Intersectionality and What it Means for Mental Health

Handcuffed racism word cloud
Social issues & social justice

Where Race and Mental Health Collide

Image by John Hain from Pixabay Like so many other things in this world, race shouldn't be an issue when it comes to mental health, but it is.  I'm not talking about biological effects associated with race like genetic susceptibilities to certain illnesses, but rather the impact of socially imposed ideas about race, and the lack of equality… Continue reading Where Race and Mental Health Collide