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How Many Pages Does Your Blog Have?

For this post, I wanted to take about pages. Not posts, but pages. Some bloggers have multiple pages, while others might just have one or two, and I thought it was worth chatting about. Home page Depending on how you've got your blog set up, your blog posts may displayed on your blog's home page.… Continue reading How Many Pages Does Your Blog Have?

My organization system for blogging with depression: graphics of bookmark folder, to do list, spreadsheet, and file folder

Refreshing My Depression Organization System

Sometimes, depression can cause busy mind that's focused on the negative. I get slow mind. Slow mind gets confused and overwhelmed. I rely on my organization system to compensate for this, at least to some extent. As time goes by, though, the system gets overwhelmed, at which point it needs a refresh or a broader… Continue reading Refreshing My Depression Organization System

Compensating for depression brain: routines, to-do lists, and step-by-step task breakdowns

Compensating for Depression Brain

In my depression-free days, my brain felt like a finely tuned machine.  I could handle multiple tasks efficiently and effectively.  I've always been organized, but when I was well it was helpful rather than necessary.  I performed better when I was organized, but it wasn't a crutch. If non-depressed brain was skiing black diamond runs,… Continue reading Compensating for Depression Brain

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If It’s Not in Front of Me Then It Doesn’t Exist

Image by hibphotography from Pixabay I'm not sure why searching for "blind" on Pixabay turned up this leaping llama, but he is spectacular, so llama it is. I used to have a decent memory.  I used to be good at handling multiple pieces of information and task-switching. Depression put the kibosh on that. Now, I have a really… Continue reading If It’s Not in Front of Me Then It Doesn’t Exist

book cover: The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll
Book reviews

Book Review: The Bullet Journal Method

The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future is written by Ryder Carroll, who is the founder of the Bullet Journal® (yes, it's trademarked) and the website Before reading this book, I was vaguely aware that there was an official bullet journal website, but what I learned about bullet journalling came… Continue reading Book Review: The Bullet Journal Method

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Should Your Stuff Spark Joy?

Image from Facebook Japanese organizational guru Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her KonMari™ method for tidying.  She's got a show on Netflix called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and she has published four books.  You can even become a consultant trained in the Konmari method. She has some good ideas around organizing… Continue reading Should Your Stuff Spark Joy?

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Mental Health

Getting things done

geralt on Pixabay The last several days my brain has felt like it has the approximate cognitive power of a bowl of Jello.  I try to read, and it's more like a hazy skim.  Decision-making seems like a foreign concept. It's fascinating, though, how my natural tendency to be uber-organized can kick in and compensate… Continue reading Getting things done

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Savoring the Small Victories

Pixabay I have always been a big fan of lists, especially when it comes to grocery shopping.  When I'm depressed, lists tend to move from a preference to a necessity in order to compensate for the decline in my memory and concentration.  When things are really bad I even try to organize my shopping list… Continue reading Savoring the Small Victories