Managing medications: Getting a pill dosette
Psych Meds

Managing Psych Medications: Getting a Pill Dosette

This post was inspired by a post a little while back by Mio at Mentally Ill in America. Managing medications can be a basic part of mental illness/chronic illness life. But doing it without a system may only work for so long, especially when brain fog gets in the way. At that point, it might… Continue reading Managing Psych Medications: Getting a Pill Dosette

What Is... Series (Insights into Psychology)
Insights into Psychology Series

What Is… Executive Functioning

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychology-related terms.  This week's term is executive functioning. Executive functioning refers to higher-level cognitive processes related to organization and regulation. It's the C-suite of your brain, or kind of like your brain's air traffic control system. Tasks that fall under this umbrella include:… Continue reading What Is… Executive Functioning

rainbow-coloured blogging word cloud
Blogging and Writing

How Many Pages Does Your Blog Have?

For this post, I wanted to take about pages. Not posts, but pages. Some bloggers have multiple pages, while others might just have one or two, and I thought it was worth chatting about. Home page Depending on how you've got your blog set up, your blog posts may displayed on your blog's home page.… Continue reading How Many Pages Does Your Blog Have?

Compensating for depression brain - organization strategies to use
MH@H Depression

Compensating for Depression Brain

In my depression-free days, my brain felt like a finely tuned machine. I could handle multiple tasks efficiently and effectively. I've always been organized, but when I was well it was helpful rather than necessary. I performed better when I was organized, but it wasn't a crutch. If non-depressed brain was skiing black diamond runs, depression… Continue reading Compensating for Depression Brain

book cover: The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll
MH@H Book Reviews

Book Review: The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll is the original Bullet Journal®. Before reading this book, I was vaguely aware that there was an official bullet journal website, but what I learned about bullet journalling came from other bloggers and from Pinterest.  It turns out my journal is very different from a Bullet Journal. Bullet Journalling… Continue reading Book Review: The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

Mashed potato brains: Dealing with cognitive symptoms of depression
MH@H Depression

Mashed Potato Brains in Depression

I have always found the cognitive symptoms of depression to be among the most disruptive to my overall functioning.  When I'm really unwell it feels like I can't think my way out of a paper bag.  I tend to describe the effect on my thinking as "mashed potato brains".