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Emerging Blogger Series: The Anxiety Diva

This post is by Heather of The Anxiety Diva. I needed an antipsychotic to get through the pandemic Like most people my anxiety was taken to new levels during this pandemic. I could not focus and felt like my head was going to explode with all the anxious thoughts I was having. I have already… Continue reading Emerging Blogger Series: The Anxiety Diva

Do I look fat in this Seroquel? Accepting weight gain due to psych meds
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Do I Look Fat in this Seroquel? Psych Meds & Weight Gain

Society is obsessed with how we look, and in particular what size we are.  Even people who are generally quite polite feel entitled to comment on our weight and body shape, without having any idea what the backstory might be.  In the case of mental illness, there is often a great deal of backstory.