Mental illness is not a choice, but recovery is
Recovery and Well-being

Is Mental Illness Recovery a Choice?

HealthyPlace "Mental illness is not a choice, but recovery is." While this image floating around on Pinterest originated with Healthy Place, I couldn't figure out the original source of this mental illness recovery quote (if, in fact, it is a quote from another source), but seems to have been around for a while. Anyway, I… Continue reading Is Mental Illness Recovery a Choice?

The moving target of mental illness recovery: more of a journey than a destination
Recovery and Well-being

The Moving Target of Mental Illness Recovery

You hear quite a bit about mental health recovery, but what does that actually entail? An Australian National Standards for Mental Health Services document from 2010 defines recovery as: ... gaining and retaining hope, understanding of ones abilities and disabilities, engagement in an active life, personal autonomy, social identity, meaning and purpose in life, and… Continue reading The Moving Target of Mental Illness Recovery

Cookie the guinea pig with front paws stretched out
Recovery and Well-being

Emotional Support Animals for Mental Illness

Animals are wonderful for mental illness. But first off, what exactly is an emotional support animal? Unlikely service animals, they're not specially trained to provide assistance to people with disabilities, and they're not granted the same universal access that service dogs have to do their duties. Rather, emotional support animals are recommended by a mental… Continue reading Emotional Support Animals for Mental Illness

stacks of coins growing
Recovery and Well-being

Can Money Facilitate Happiness?

We've all heard that money can't buy happiness. But is there some sort of relationship between money and happiness? And if so, what does that look like, and can money facilitate happiness? Meeting basic needs Clearly, it takes money to meet our most basic needs like food and shelter. When those basic needs are on… Continue reading Can Money Facilitate Happiness?

What Is... Series (Insights into Psychology)
Insights into Psychology Series, Recovery and Well-being

What Is… Mental Illness Recovery

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychological terms. This week's term is mental illness recovery. The word recovery can have various connotations depending on the context. It began to gain popularity in the context of mental health in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when it was used by… Continue reading What Is… Mental Illness Recovery

letters of the alphabet arranged in heart shape
Recovery and Well-being

Gratitude from A to Z

An A-to-Z gratitude challenge is currently making the rounds in the blogosphere. The goal is to identify something to feel grateful for starting with each letter of the alphabet (X and Z just have to contain, not necessarily start with, those letters).  I thought I would join in. A-romatherapy: very pleasant and relaxingB-edtime: my favourite… Continue reading Gratitude from A to Z

Random Acts of Kindness Day: Make Kindness a Habit - handprints with hearts in the centre
Recovery and Well-being

There Are No Small Acts of Kindness

I have found so much kindness in the blogging community.  When I'm struggling, I can always count on getting words of support.  When I'm feeling discouraged about blogging or anything else, I always get lovely words of encouragement.  The kindness that we show each other is one of the things that makes the blogging community,… Continue reading There Are No Small Acts of Kindness

TED Talks logo
Recovery and Well-being

TED Talks on Mental Wellbeing

Here are some of my favourite TED Talks that relate to mental wellbeing. The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage (Susan David) I recently reviewed Susan David's book Emotional Agility, and this talk covered similar subject matter. She points out how problematic it is to avoid emotions that are considered negative or illegitimate. She… Continue reading TED Talks on Mental Wellbeing