Dissociative Disorders

Mental Health @ Home book review: Brain Storm

Book Review: Brain Storm

Brain Storm by Shelley Kolton shares her experience discovering as an adult that she’d experienced childhood abuse and developed dissociative identity disorder, as well as the work she did on integration and healing. The book’s introduction was written by feminist activist Robin Morgan. She wrote that this book affirms that DID is a feminist issue. …

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Mental Health @ Home book review: You Will Never by Normal by Catherine Klatzker

Book Review: You Will Never Be Normal

You Will Never Be Normal by Catherine Klatzker takes the reader on a journey of discovery with her as she learns that she has dissociative identity disorder and Parts inside of her have been holding trauma she hadn’t even been aware that she had experienced. The book opens in 2009 as she’s having a talk …

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Naltrexone: An Opioid Blocker That Gets Around

Naltrexone (brand names include Vivitrol and ReVia) blocks opioid receptors just like Narcan (naloxone), which is used to treat opioid overdoses. Both drugs prevent any opioids in the vicinity From being able to latch onto opioid receptors and do their opioid thing. While Narcan and fast- and short-acting, naltrexone works more slowly and is longer-acting.  It’s available …

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The Emerging blogger series on Mental Health @ Home

Explaining Derealization (Guest Post)

In this emerging blogger post, Elle Rose from Secretladyspider writes about experiencing derealization as part of derealization/depersonalization disorder. I’m going mad again. Oh my god, I’m going mad again. There’s something right outside the building, right outside the glass, but the world is flattened. It’s like we’re just some weird jigsaw puzzle and I will …

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