Exploring of the incel phenomenon: image of male and female genes and a psy symbol
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Exploring the Psychology of the Incel Phenomenon

The incel (a portmanteau of "involuntary celibate") phenomenon, at least in its present incarnation, has emerged in the last decade and a bit. It's come into the public eye through acts of violence committed by the likes of Elliot Rodger (in 2014 in Isla Vista, California) and Alek Minassian (in 2018 in Toronto, Ontario). Misogyny,… Continue reading Exploring the Psychology of the Incel Phenomenon

Where do you get your news from? - graphic of a newspaper
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Where Do You Get Your News From?

The internet has made news accessible on a scale that would have been unimaginable when I was a kid. However, the wealth of available news isn't necessarily a good thing. With so many options, where do you get your news from? Traditional media My parents were keen TV news watchers, so I grew up being… Continue reading Where Do You Get Your News From?

Toxic productivity: Graphic of a man trying to do multiple tasks at once
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Why Is Toxic Productivity a Thing?

I'm generally pretty out of the loop when it comes to pop psychology phenomena, so I just stumbled across the term toxic productivity fairly recently. While I hadn't heard the term before, I'm at least with it enough to know that productivity talk is all over the internet. What is toxic productivity? Toxic productivity is… Continue reading Why Is Toxic Productivity a Thing?

Is the term gaslighting overused - poster for the movie Gaslight
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Is the Term Gaslighting Overused?

It seems like everyone’s talking about gaslighting these days. But if everyone and their dog seems to be gaslighting (or being gaslit by) everyone else and their cat (or if cat and dog are both accusing the other of gaslighting them), is it really a meaningful descriptor of emotional abuse? Or does it just get… Continue reading Is the Term Gaslighting Overused?

Are you an unsafe person, or is that just an unhelpful label? - skull and crossbones diagram
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Are You an Unsafe Person?

This post was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest about safe vs. unsafe people, but it's along the same lines as what I've written before about the toxic person label. Is that kind of whole-person labelling actually useful? https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/618541330074396290/sent/?invite_code=f51df0af6c36491ba932da4de7aeeb6d&sender=846958411080851028&sfo=1 When I came across this Instagram graphic image shared on Pinterest, my first reaction was… Continue reading Are You an Unsafe Person?

The COVID world is built for introverts - cartoon of a germ with a stay at home mask
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The COVID World Is Built for Introverts

I recently saw a post by The Opinionated Woman titled The World Is Built for Extroverts. My comment was that the COVID world is build for introverts, and I thought I'd elaborate on that a bit. To start off, let's consider what introverts and extroverts are. Introversion and extroversion lie on a spectrum, with most… Continue reading The COVID World Is Built for Introverts

the word coexist written in religious and peace symbols
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Some Thoughts on My Version of Soft Atheism

I find religion to be quite fascinating, despite the fact that I don't personally believe the fundamentals of any of them. This post will be a bit of a meander through thoughts kicking around in my head related to religion and atheism. Hard vs. soft atheism I would say that I fall somewhere in the… Continue reading Some Thoughts on My Version of Soft Atheism

What Is... Series (Insights into Psychology)
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What Is… Cancel Culture

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychology-related terms. This week's term is cancel culture. Cancel culture is an odd phenomenon spawned by the social media era. Some argue that it poses a threat to freedom of speech. I didn't know enough to write an opinion post on it, so… Continue reading What Is… Cancel Culture