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The Interesting Ways We Use Words

As bloggers, we play with words. Some of them are more fun quirky than others. Here are a few of the interesting ways we use words. That crazy pond that separates us Despite speaking the same language, there are a lot of differences between British-speak and American-speaking, with Canadian-speak thrown in there somewhere in between.… Continue reading The Interesting Ways We Use Words

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Where Do You Get Blog Post Ideas From?

Maintaining a blog calls for a lot of creativity.  Whether you publish daily, weekly, monthly, or at random, you need to come up with things to write about.  So where might those blog post ideas come from? Well, to start off, the ideas you come up with don't have to be original.  Any blog post… Continue reading Where Do You Get Blog Post Ideas From?

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Year in Review 2019: Reading & Writing

This post is a look back at both the reading and the writing I did in 2019. The majority of the reading I do is on WordPress, and it's really been wonderful to see everyone's creative output.  This is something that is a really important part of my daily routine, and something that I value… Continue reading Year in Review 2019: Reading & Writing

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Memoirs – To Write or Not to Write?

I've seen other bloggers working on or publishing memoirs, and I had decided a little while back that it was something I'd be interested in doing too.  I even started working on writing it. Except I've started wondering if I should reconsider. There's a lot of work that would be involved in writing, publishing, and… Continue reading Memoirs – To Write or Not to Write?

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My Anti-Rules for Writing

There are plenty of rules out there on the internet about how you "should" write.  Well, I say shoulds are just another form of cognitive distortion, so it's time to kick some of those rules to the curb and replace them with anti-rules for writing. Write every day Apparently this is something you're supposed to… Continue reading My Anti-Rules for Writing

book cover: Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis by Ashley L. Peterson
Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis

Mental health bloggers needed!

I'm currently working on my next book, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis.  In it I'm peeling apart the diagnostic criteria for multiple different diagnoses to give a clearer, more reader-friendly picture of what each illness actually looks like. Since the DSM criteria can never fully capture what it's like to experience a given illness, I… Continue reading Mental health bloggers needed!