Managing the Depression Puzzle

book cover: Managing the Depression Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together by Ashley L. Peterson

Managing the Depression Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together is the newest book from Ashley L. Peterson and Mental Health @ Home Books.

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Managing the Depression Puzzle


Managing the Depression Puzzle provides a comprehensive, holistic look at how to manage depression, including bipolar depression and schizoaffective disorder.  While the term holistic is often used to refer only to alternative therapies, here holistic is used to cover everything up to and including the kitchen sink in order to target as many different aspects of depression as possible.

Both illness treatment strategies and wellness promotion strategies are covered, including medications, somatic treatments like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), psychotherapy, supplements and herbal products, activation, mindfulness, self-care, and more.  Elements of the depression experience like stigma, decision-making around disclosure, and identity management are also discussed.

Managing the Depression Puzzle draws on the author’s training and experience as a mental health nurse and former pharmacist, as well as personal experience living with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder.  The approach is pragmatic, candid, and very much anti-BS.  The book is written from the perspective that every individual’s depression is unique, and the pieces that fit in the puzzle of every individual’s illness will be just as unique.


Chapter ListFrom Managing the Depression Puzzle by Ashely L. Peterson, a chart contrasting illness treatment strategies and wellness promotion strategies for depression

  1. Defining depression
  2. Medications for depression
  3. Evidence-based treatment guidelines for medications
  4. Somatic treatments
  5. Psychotherapy
  6. Complementary & alternative therapies
  7. Activation
  8. Mindfulness
  9. Self-care
  10. Understanding your illness
  11. Coping with specific symptoms
  12. Creating a holistic plan
  13. Living with a chronic illness


Readers’ responses to Managing the Depression Puzzle

“I love that Ashley doesn’t tout a one-size-fits-all  cure for depression. Nor does the book come across as self-helpy. Instead, this book feels like a menu of options that a depressed person (or caregiver) can use to construct a unique treatment plan. The book focuses on improving one’s quality of life, which I certainly endorse.”

“I believe that this book will be a great resource for those struggling with depression and those who care for someone with depression. I would not hesitate to suggest this book to my therapy clients, as it is both clinically sound and user-friendly.”

– Excerpt from a review by Johnzelle Anderson of Panoramic Counseling


“I like Ashley’s approach so far. There is something for everyone, in the sense that I can read about differing types of depression: bipolar, unipolar (and schizoaffective). But also, gain a better understanding of some of the science behind what she says.

All in all, I find the first chapter worthy of reading the second and third and so on. Everything so far is quite informative!”

– Excerpt from a mini-review by Mentally Ill in America


“I think my favorite aspect of this book is that it is truly holistic, in that it covers both medical and alternative methods to use in handling depression…

Whether you favor traditional or intuitive medicine, you are sure to find helpful, effective strategies for handling your depression symptoms in this informational read.”

– Excerpt from a review by Maranda Russell on Amazon


“It’s mind-blowing to me how much info is packed in this seemingly tiny book…

I would also highly recommend it for anyone with depression or, more specifically, if they’ve tried different treatment options and are still depressed. There are so many ideas in here that if I were depressed, I’d feel hopeful just from reading this.”

– Excerpt from a review by Meg of Where Good Advice Happens…


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