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Managing the Depression Puzzle is Now Available!

book cover: Managing the Depression Puzzle by Ashley L. Peterson

My new baby is now out in the world!  Managing the Depression Puzzle takes a holistic view of how to deal with depression – holistic in the sense that it covers a whole whack of things.  The idea is to give you a bunch of different pieces that you can pick from to put together your own unique depression puzzle (hence the puzzle pieces on the cover).

Topics covered include medications (for both major depressive disorder and bipolar depression), treatments like ECT and TMS, different forms of therapy, activation, mindfulness, and self-care.  The focus is on including a lot of different pieces rather than covering any specific intervention in great depth.  There’s more me present in this book than in my previous two.

I’m excited that the book has already gotten a review from Johnzelle Anderson of Panoramic Counseling and a mini-review from  Mentally Ill in America!

Managing the Depression Puzzle is available from:

Potential pieces of the depression puzzle - puzzle pieces labelled with different depression treatments

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