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Mental illness may be difficult to live with, but the stigma associated with it can be even more challenging.  It’s time to let the light in to shine on those of us working hard every day to make the most of the hand that mental illness has dealt us.  We all have the power to be stigma warriors.  It’s time to come together to stop stigma.


Raise your voice

To stop stigma, we need to speak up.  Research has shown that the most effective way to fight stigma is for those of us living with mental illness to come out loud and proud, since it is contact with regular people with mental illness that has the greatest effect on people’s stigmatized attitudes.

These posts include suggestions on how to use your voice and where you can share your story.

Get involved

These are some of the organizations that promote dialogue around mental health stigma on a broader scale.


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Posts on stigma

These posts on Mental Health @ Home focus on the issue of stigma.


Stigma in health care

One would hope that at least the realm of health care would be stigma-free, but sadly, that is far from being the case.


Stigma and violence

Sadly, there are still people who believe that mental illness increases the risk of becoming violent.  This is especially apparent when politicians blame gun violence on mental illness.  The reality is that people with mental illness are no more likely than anyone else to become violent, and are actually at increased risk of being victims of violence.



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