Tales from the Psych Ward Part IV

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My psychiatrist agreed to discontinue my Mental Health Act certification and make me voluntary! It doesn’t actually change anything about what’s happening with my treatment, but it does make me feel better about the whole thing.

We talked about the inaccurate charting from the psych ER about me being paranoid and yelling. He didn’t come right out and say it was bullshit, but I think that was mostly him not wanting to openly slam colleagues rather than him thinking it was accurate.

He’s ordered accompanied passes for me to be able to leave the hospital with my brother. This is a busy weekend for my brother because it’s my niece’s birthday tomorrow, so it won’t be until Tuesday that I get to go home and see the guinea pig children.

I found out that my ECT is scheduled for two treatments a week for the next five weeks. Normally, ECT would be done three treatments a week, and my psychiatrist wasn’t sure why it was scheduled just two a week. I’m hoping I can get it changed to three a week, as just doing two a week would prolong my hospitalization unnecessarily.

That’s about it for this update. Thank you all so much for your support!

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78 thoughts on “Tales from the Psych Ward Part IV”

  1. So glad your psychiatrist saw through those faulty ER notes. Best wishes with your ECT. I know people who swear by it!

  2. I am so glad that he listened to you and changed the mistakes. Your voice is most powerful.
    Oh how I remember getting my 1st passes to leave the hospital and what a huge thing it was to go have ice cream with my kids. Terrifying because of my anxiety but amazing because the kids were too young to visit otherwise.
    Keep using your voice, it is being heard!!!
    Do you feel like the ECT is helping now that you have the right anesthesia? ❤️

  3. So glad for you that you are now voluntary! It makes a huge difference in how you feel about your treatment whether or not it changes the care at all. (I speak from experience.) Also, it appears to be true 🙂 that you are your own best advocate! Excellent news that the doc heard you on this. Best wishes that he will hear you as well on the 3 per week ECT schedule. Thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery….

  4. hellokittyfromhell

    I’m sorry to hear about what happened, it is with relief knowing that things are improving. Fingers crossed, I hope you feel better soon and you’ve done a great job advocating for yourself! Hugs and love 🧡

  5. I’m relieved that someone is finally listening to you. The way I view the certification issue is that when you’re certified you feel powerless, unable to direct treatment based on past experience and extensive knowledge. Being decertified gave you your power back, so it does change things. I’m so proud of you for being your own best advocate and following through with your concerns even though you are ill. You are STRONG, Ashley. Sorry it took so long for me to read this series of posts. I’ve been dealing with a broken leg and surgery. I will definitely be checking in. Love you

  6. I am VERY glad you’ve been heard and that you’re being made voluntary. Hallelujah! I feel your pain with inaccurate medical records; personally, that shit pisses me off no end and it really doesn’t help current or future situations you find yourself in.

    It’s great the passes have been issued, too. Happy (belated) Birthday to your niece! I’m rather late with this, but did you get to go out this week at all? If you did then I hope it went well and perhaps did you some good, too. All you need now is smooth sailing with treatment and less assholes during your psych vacay, plus the three treatments per week rather than two. That’s a bit weird if three is standard. Fingers crossed that gets sorted soon and put down on paper so nobody contests it.

    Sending lots of best wishes and love your way, Ashley 🤗 xxxx

  7. Super pleased to read that things are slowly moving forward, and I’m so happy that you’ll get to see the guinea piggles! Xx

    1. I’ve always found it quite helpful. I get some memory impairment because of it, but I don’t mind forgetting some stuff that happens when I’m really sick, and it hasn’t created any problems with forming new memories after I’m finished a course of treatment.

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