Writing portfolio

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Author of the upcoming book Psych Meds Made Simple, available Feb 4/19 on Amazon.

Canadian Nurse (2014). It can happen to anyone: Reaching out.

I am 1 in 4 (2018). Mental illness and the dreaded job interview.

Love Kayleigh Rose (2018). Breaking barriers as a mental health nurse.

Medium. Various. Author page. Top writer, mental health.

Midsummer Daydreamer (2018). Stories of Mental Illness – Ashley’s Story.

Not Your Average Chick (2018). How writing can benefit your mental health.

Old Cove Road (2018): Living in the present and Stigma.

Project Semicolon (2018). My name is Ashley, and this is my story.

Respect Yourself (2017). Using your voice for mental health.

Stigma Fighters (2017). Personal story.

Time to Change (2018). Ron saw through my mental illness to the real me.

Visions: BC’s Mental Health and Addictions Journal (2014). On both sides of the desk: Working as a mental health nurse with a mental illness. 

Vocal Media:

Academic Journal Publications

Archives of Psychiatric Nursing (2016). Finding identity and meaning as a nurse with a mental illness.

Issues in Mental Health Nursing. (2013). Integrating mental health and addictions services to improve client outcomes.

Journal of Advanced Nursing(2015). A case for the use of autoethnography in nursing research.

Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (2017). Experiencing stigma as a nurse with mental illness.

Nurse Author & Editor (2013). Getting published for the first time: Tips for new graduate students.