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On these pages, you’ll find some of the major recurring themes on the Mental Health @ Home blog, as well as some tips, tools, and resources that I hope you’ll find useful.

Free mental health workbooks
Ways to share your mental health story
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Mental Health @ Home Books by Ashley L. Peterson

Stop the Stigma

Mental illness: Stop the Stigma

Mental illness may be difficult to live with, but the associated stigma can be even more challenging. It’s time to let the light in to shine on those of us working hard every day to make the most of the hand that mental illness has dealt us. We all have the power to be stigma… Continue reading Stop the Stigma

COVID-19/Mental Health Coping Toolkit

COVID-19/mental health coping toolkit from Mental Health @ Home

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, showing us that life is unpredictable (and you never know when there might be a run on toilet paper). What remains constant, though, is the importance of taking care of ourselves and having effective strategies to deal with whatever comes along. That’s where this coping toolkit comes… Continue reading COVID-19/Mental Health Coping Toolkit

The Psychology Corner

The Psychology Corner: Insights into psychology and psychological tests

The Psychology Corner on Mental Health @ Home includes the what is… series and a collection of (mostly) scientifically-validated psychological tests. The weekly What Is… Insights Into Psychology series explores the meaning of a wide range of terms that come from the field of psychology, psychiatry, and other related areas. Here’s an alphabetized list of… Continue reading The Psychology Corner

The Download Centre – Mental Health @ Home

Mental Health @ Home Download Centre: mini-ebooks and mental health resources

The goal of the MH@H Download Centre is to offer useful, informative, and thought-provoking downloadable content related primarily to mental health, similar to what you can already find on the MH@H blog, but in expanded form. The mental health content allows you to tap into my years of education and experience as a former mental… Continue reading The Download Centre – Mental Health @ Home