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Do You Respond to Comments?

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I’m guess most people would agree that it’s pretty cool to get comments on your blog. When you do, do you respond to all of them? Let’s chat about that.

Responding to comments

I try to respond to all comments, although it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I can’t fish words out of my head for a response, as my brain can be awfully slow-moving, but in that case, I like to use emojis instead to give more of a response than just a like.

I think that the way a blogger responds to comments has an impact on the comments that are left to them. If a blogger isn’t responding to comments, there are only so many times others are going to try leaving comments before giving up and just not commenting anymore. On the other hand, if a blogger is regularly responding to comments in a friendly manner, that helps to encourage other bloggers to leave comments.

Why someone might not respond to comments

For people who get a lot of comments, time can certainly be a factor, and it may not be practical or even possible to answer all comments. That’s never been much of an issue for me, because I don’t have much of a life outside of blogging. 😉

Another possible reading for not responding or a delay in responding is if Akismet, WordPress’s spam filter, decided to eat the comment. That seems to go in spurts. I check my comments folder pretty regularly, and it hasn’t caught many legit comments lately.

Sometimes, the legitimacy of a comment is a bit iffy. Maybe it’s not so clearly spam that you’d want to delete it, but you also don’t necessarily want to encourage it by writing a response.

It’s also possible that comments got lost in the shuffle of notifications, and if they’re not seen, they’re not going to be responded to.

Is liking a comment enough?

When it comes to comments on social media, liking a response is often enough, but I feel like the blogosphere has a different vibe than social media (in a good way).

Sometimes, there’s truly nothing that needs to be said in response, and a simple like to acknowledge the comment will do the trick.

The flip side to that is that if someone likes a comment, it shows that they’ve actually seen it and chosen not to respond. That can send the message that a blogger isn’t interested in interaction. There have been times when I’ve unfollowed blogs that repeatedly didn’t respond to comments, because it doesn’t create the most friendly atmosphere.

Over to you

Now it’s your turn. Do you always respond to comments on your blog? How do you decide whether to respond or not?

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89 thoughts on “Do You Respond to Comments?”

  1. Teagan and Her Horses

    I have a general idea of what I want to do with my social media presents, and I’ve been getting everything prepared before I start actually publishing content. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, an email, etc. I’ve been preparing blog posts, but I have yet to start building a website. Once I finally do though, I really look forward to interactions on there. I don’t look forward to social media so much because, well, social media. But blogs always seem different. Kinder, more human. Of course, I love positive interactions on social media too. I just don’t look forward to dealing with the trolls as well. In short, if I ever get comments I look forward to interacting, and I will definitely do so.

    1. That’s good to be prepared ahead of time.

      I find the blogging world is much nicer than the world of social media. Perhaps it’s because looking at blogs is more time-intensive and it’s quicker and easier for trolls to get reactions on social media.

      1. Teagan and Her Horses

        I suspect that has a lot to do with it. There’s a lot more effort in reading through a blog post and coming up with some stupid dig at someone then there is in just looking at a picture with a two sentence caption.

  2. I see what you mean about liking something and it showing they’ve acknowledging it, but it could come across as that they’re not bothered or aren’t interested in an interaction. I try to reply to comments on my posts, though I’m not convinced the commenters get notified of the replies very often, if at all. There are times though where I just can’t, which is only a mix of exhausting, no time and a mental block where I can’t face it. Predominantly just can’t do it all, and yet I appreciate all of the comments and would definitely not like anyone thinking I don’t care or don’t want to interact because I absolutely do and I love the interaction, that sense of community and friendship. xx

    1. I don’t get notifications in the WordPress Reader of your responses to comments.

      I’ve recently been contemplating making a little graphic to occasionally stick at the end of posts telling people that I love their comments, but my head is currently too tired to respond to them.

  3. I try to respond to all comments with something genuine, but sometimes it is not always possible especially 1] if it is a false positive generic comment or 2] it is a comment that doesn’t have an answer but just a like as an acknowledge,ment from me or 3] sometimes l genuinely don’t know how to answer a comment so l like it and then try and ponder upon it and answer something of note.

    I think the big question of all is what is the best generic answer you can award to a generic answer that’s not a generic answer in itself?

  4. I always respond and always try to continue making a conversation. If somebody makes time to comment on my post, then I’ll always make time for them 🙂

  5. Receiving comments is a highlight of blogging. I always try to respond – with words or at least an emoji to acknowledge that the comment is appreciated.

  6. I try my best to respond to blog comments but it’s always the task I forget about – it’s one of my goals for the new year to respond to them quicker! One thing that always annoys me though is the “great post.” comments – ARGH! x

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