Where Did Your Blog Name Come From?

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This post is inspired by a post a little while back by JoAnn at Sunstone Journal (formerly Midnight Harmony) about coming up with a blog name. I thought we could chat a bit about how people came up with their blog names.

When I started my blog in 2017, I was vaguely contemplating starting an outreach-based mental health nursing private practice. Mental Health @ Home was the name I’d come up with for this potential project, and I figured I might as well use that as the name for the blog. The business idea quickly fell by the wayside, but the name remained.

The name works, but it’s never really grabbed me. I’ve contemplated a name change a few times, mostly because the name is too generic to be good for SEO purposes. If you Google Mental Health @ Home, a lot of other sites will show up before mine. However, that contemplating has never lasted long, in part because I haven’t thought of a name that I’m really keen on, but also because I’ve put a fair bit of work into creating a web presence as Mental Health @ Home, and a rebrand seems like more work than I care to bother with.

When it comes to other people’s blog names, I tend to take notice of them mostly when I first come across them. When I’ve been following someone for a while, I start to think of it as a name rather than as the constituent words, and I mostly stop thinking of the meanings of the words involved.

Most of the new followers I get are spammy, so blog names that are somewhat indicative of what the blog is about are most likely to stand out so I’ll go have a look at them. Because I’m mostly into the mental health niche, blog names that relate to that niche are most likely to catch my eye.

If you want your own domain name, that’s something to figure in as well. If a site with your desired blog name already exists and you’d have to go with a funky spelling, it may be hard for people to remember your URL.

There are a few blog name generators out there, like ThemeIsle‘s, that can be of assistance for people like me who aren’t very creative. They also show you domain names that are available.

I’m guessing that the naming process is generally more carefully thought through for people who’ve already had a blog or who are renaming an existing blog. Then you’ve got people like me know were starting off knowing sweet bugger all about blogging and just picking whatever name came to mind.

So now it’s over to you—how did you choose your blog name?

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112 thoughts on “Where Did Your Blog Name Come From?”

  1. I love this post as I am continually intrigued by the blog names that I come across. My blog name was originally inspired by a song which in turn inspired me to paint the watercolor that is the central image and logo for my blog. The song is Jubilee by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Her lyrics towards the end of the song speak of a wise wishing tree. As an artistic person an image came to my mind while listening to this song – an image with its own uniquely personal meaning for me as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. When I made the decision to start my blog this painting felt like a natural starting point and the foundation I was looking for – a safe and peaceful place of self reflection.

  2. I wanted to come up with something that would sound intriguing, would suggest it’s a blog about autism but wasn’t too heavy at the same time. Loads of names were already taken but somehow I came up with Autistic and me. I hope it sounds OK. English is not my first language and sometimes I have difficulties judging those things.

  3. I didn’t really think about it. I knew I wanted a new hobby, something creative and stimulating. I decided on Barely A Blog because I have no idea what I’m doing or what a blog is, but I want to share the nonsense in my head. Also having a Blog called “Barely A Blog” made me laugh so I stuck with it.

  4. I wanted something with my writing ‘nym and “Light Motifs” made sense because it’s also a play on “leitmotifs,” which means recurrent themes. My first blog, though, was named Ultrablog from my online handle at the time Ultraviolet. I soon hated it because it seemed so childish…

  5. I don’t think I really thought long enough about a blog name….but then I had no idea about blogging, or traffic, or if anyone would ever read a word I published. When I started out, it was to publish some short stories I had already written, I had no expectations of writing regularly, although I knew I enjoyed writing.

    A friend helped me to set up the blog in April 208 and he told me to pick a name, and I struggled. But he had always called me Caramel, so his choice seemed fine. At the time we started the blog, I was still in a tough situation. I had been back in London for less than eighteen months, and was still estranged from Jack and finding it hard to know which direction I was going in. I was still uneasy about many of my friendships, people who I was not sure if I could trust.

    I was feeling a great deal of hurt, and still shaky after what had happened to me less than three years before. Somehow, Crushed Caramel, seemed to suit best. But then when Jack came back into my life….so much of the hurt faded. So 1st January 2020, I dropped the Crushed….and now it is just Caramel.

    I don’t think it says much about what to expect from my blog, but then for the most part, I guess I am just being me. The interesting thing about having a blog called Caramel is that it has brought a constant stream of foodie blogs coming to check my posts out. I noticed very early on that lots of food bloggers seemed to be following me. I followed them back. So my WP Reader is constantly full of yummy photos!!!

    1. Halarious. I Ave a couple different blog sites because I’ve posted on several different topics. But I love the name of yours and I would have kept crushed Caramel myself but then again it’s not my blog lol. Cheers

      1. I dropped the “crushed” because I was no longer crushed. I thought about putting something else in front of the Caramel, but in the end I thought I will just be me.

  6. We weren’t sure what our blog name was so we just looked it up lol. We first started blogging as a way to communicate about the confusion and challenges of living with DID and ptsd. We had very few people to talk to about it—and still don’t, though that seems more like a choice now than a default starting point. We wanted a name that played into that. How we came up with something relatively positive sounding (weDIDit) is special to us, since we’re not generally an optimist. We don’t post much since we’re stuck in negativity and depression. The sound of our written voice and spoken voice both grate on us. We like when our Littles talk because they are sister, gentler, more passionate💕❤️. Love you, Littles!!

  7. I start and stop web projects because I am the creative type. However, where your blog is concerned, I think it’s amazing, especially during the pandemic, when there are a lot of people working from home. In that sense, you created a very versatile and awesome website name!

  8. “Vision of the Night” is a quote from Job. I wanted to write a Jewish mental health blog (having blogged about mental health in a not very Jewish way previously) and was looking for something biblical and somewhat depressed-sounding, but not taken by other people. This was what I ended up with.

    I find thinking of titles generally hard. My most obscure blog title was one of my Doctor Who blogs, which was called “From Lime Grove to Beyond the Sun” which is a very obscure Doctor Who reference, Lime Grove Studios being where the earliest episodes of Doctor Who were filmed, and Beyond the Sun being an abandoned title for the story fans refer to as The Daleks. I think it sounds quite good as a title.

    In case that wasn’t crazy enough, it had a subtitle for a while, “The blog for fans of Cliff, Lola, Biddy and the older man with a character twist” (the idea was I would change the subtitle periodically to something funny). Doctor Who doesn’t feature Cliff, Lola or Biddy. They were suggestions for characters in the early proposals and story guides from before the series was filmed; by the time of transmission, they had become Ian, Barbara, Susan and the Doctor. I think I was trying to reach out to the cognoscenti, but it didn’t really work. I see it as very much part of my mindset of trying to write stuff that could have been in Doctor Who Magazine in the late nineties rather than what was actually going on in fandom at the time when the series had been revived and had suddenly become popular with people who were only vaguely aware that it had a history before 2005, let alone shown the obsessive background knowledge developed by fans who were around for the wilderness years when it wasn’t on TV.

  9. When I first started blogging all these many years ago it was “Gypsy’s Caravan”. Then I got all cutesy and it was called “Hugz Before You Go”. Then for over a decade it was “Dragon’s Alley”. Final stop: “Just Tawkin'” because I’m from New Yawk and that’s what I’m doin’, just tawkin’ .

  10. I knew nothing about blogging, but wanted to blog about my journey of recovery with schizoaffective disorder. I first thought “Stronger than you Know” but found that is a Disney song so I changed it to “Stronger than you Think”.

  11. I just launched my blog yesterday. I probably looked at a couple dozen different names before landing on: An Introvert Speaks. My 30+ year career was in a extrovert world. Trying to survive in it broke me. Now I’m trying to share my thoughts, opinions, and experiences about being an introvert so others might understand what it’s like. Additionally, giving my thoughts on current affairs in a way I’ve never been able to do.

    1. Just a heads up, your Gravatar isn’t linked to your blog’s URL.

      To fix that, if you’re in the WordPress Reader, click on your Gravatar in the top right corner of the screen, then go to “Account settings.” Change the “Web address” to your blog’s URL.

  12. I remember the morning my blog name came to me, it was while I was at rehab and I was having breakfast. I’d not long signed up to WordPress and made a mental note to come up with a blog name. Few minutes later, Undercover Superhero entered my brain and it’s stuck with me ever since. Love it too much 🙂

  13. I came up with “Sparks..” in the early 2000s, before I ever blogged. I thought for a long time that it would make a nifty book title if I ever published my writing. The time came when I was preparing my poetry book, and I had the title all ready to go. The publishing house told me there were roughly twelve hundred other “Sparks From A Combustible Mind” books already out there, two or three of them high sellers. So *poof* went another illusion. I still loved the name though, because I do consider my writing efforts ’embers (sparks) from my mind”. When I began to blog, voila! Sparks was born. 🙂

  14. I had to really think hard on my why’s for the name. I had a previous blog but can’t remember the name of that one. I do believe I went with I am my own island for two reasons… individuality is unique (duh right) and I felt very alone all those years ago and felt no one would get me. I’m happy to know I was wrong but I keep the name as I think it is poetic

  15. My current blog doesn’t give me the option to name it, as it’s embedded into my business website. Panoramic Counseling, however, has a funny backstory. While the word, panoramic, means “a wide view,” I actually thought of it while car shopping. Cars now come with these big ass full roof (panoramic) sunroofs. I liked the word and I like a car with a sunroof, so boom. The rest is history.

  16. I was going to choose Mental Health at Home, but somebody already had it. First I was “Recovering Porn Addict” but, after a while, I recognized I was pretty much recovered and the word Porn scared people away. When my coaching started taking off earlier in 2021, I changed it to pAddictRecovery to match all of my new social media handles, etc. I think those, like you, who have “known” me for years have seen the natural transition, but I’m sure a lot of people still don’t get it.

  17. Mine is called “Who the Hell Knows?” I didn’t put much thought into it. I often found myself asking rhetorically who the hell knows in conversation so I thought, I’ll just call my random blog that.

  18. Unsurprisingly, my blog was going to be very thoughtful posts about issues related to Judaism and the Jewish community. I didn’t intend to post random life updates and prompt poetry, but you know how it goes. I do want to do more “thoughts on Jewish issues/life” and less “complaining about my marriage” crap. In any case, I’m keeping “Jewish Young Professional” because it sounds better than “Some random girl complaining about her extremely pleasant life and also responding to poetry prompts”.

    The only thing I hesitated on with picking “Jewish Young Professional” as a blogger / blog name was the “young” part – I don’t think mid-late 30s is young, and of course, should I decide to continue blogging, by definition, any blogger handle with the name “young” doesn’t exactly scale up.

  19. Days is my nickname and my sister thought it would be audacious if I started a blog beause I am generally very quite and reserved. We then realized that we could combine my nickname and the word ‘audacious’ into one word and so, audaysciously was born

  20. This is going to sound narcissistic, but it came from a line in a musical play I wrote. The main character in The Burden of Eden has a line towards the end where he says: “There is no Eden in Babylon.” By this he means that there is no hiding place of paradise within a total corrupt and chaotic culture. Then I decided to write another play by that name, because I wanted to pursue the theme. And the blog is named after that play.

  21. I suppose with my blog it’s quite obvious, but perhaps not at a first glance so I thought I’d chime in.
    I’d been thinking about having an English-language blog for quite a long time before I actually started it, and any time I thought of it, that was the name that came to my mind, that I imagined being my blog’s name. I knew I’d be writing a lot about my mental health or in any case about my general brain state, what I think and feel, what’s going on on the inside in general, it would be my emotional outlet. And it’s always more or less chaotic in here. Sometimes it’s just artistic chaos, other times more like a tornado. But the word mishmash sounds much nicer and less intimidating than chaos. And as you and some of your readers know, my cat is called Misha, and I wanted to incorporate him in there in some way, possibly continue what I was doing on my old blog, writing some posts with Misha, from Misha’s perspective. So that Mish- part just had to be there.
    I had no ideas for a new and creative subtitle so I simply used the name of my old, Polish blog which was What Plays in my Brain. We have an idiom in Polish which literally translates as “to play in one’s soul”. You could simply say that a song is playing in your soul, and that would mean that it really resonates with you and often that it’s likely your current earworm, but also someone could ask you to tell them what is playing in your soul, in which case it would mean that they’re asking you to confide or just share your feelings, usually some deep feelings. So, since I’ve wanted to be really openn about things on my blog, to write about and share my favourite music with people, and am interested in all things brain, that still felt like an adequate subtitle with my new blog. I have considered changing it but nothing that I could come up with felt better.

  22. I love this post, as I’m curious about whether people labour over their decision or just slap the keyboard – Someone once claimed they did this for their username in a forum.

    My blog is a few days old. I went for something punchy that would capture the essence of my story, which is largely about escapism from the 9-5 and entering the world of Archaeology. Have just started out and so am hoping I live up to the dream.

  23. My current blog name, A Multitude of Musings, name, is the most original I ever came up with. Before this I had Blogging Astrid and Astrid’s Journal. A Multitude of Musings refers to the fact that we’re multiple (dissociative identity disorder, currently undiagnosed) and muse about generally. Our URL, Astridetal.com, comes from the body’s first name plus the “etal” suffix for the multiplicity. Now it’s no longer as fitting as I hardly ever share about multiplicity, but it’s a short URL so I’m keeping it.

  24. I have just started blogging. My “master plan” is to use blogging as good practice and (hopefully) some exposure, as my real hope is to write books some day.

    That said, I chose to just name my blog my own name, in hopes that it will be recognized whenever I do get a book published. (fingers crossed!)

  25. I was in the throes of my deepest, most painful depression episode, resulting in my most concrete suicidal plan ever. Items purchased, date & time chosen. I’d never thought of blogging but it seemed the thing to do and SurvivingSara . net was the first and only choice. I was literally trying to survive myself and people who love me have to survive my mental illness. Next month, it will be 2 years since those darkest days.

      1. It’s been more treatment resistant than anything I suffered in the past, and thoughts of suicide, or the relief of dying, still trip through my mind frequently. It doesn’t feel like I’ve gotten out of the driveway. 😆 Laughing is great medicine these days.

  26. For a blog dedicated to the art and science of mental health nursing care, I found that “Caring in the Word [El Cuidado en la Palabra]” was the essence of my work and a good title for the blog. Greetings from Mallorca!

  27. This is great. I’ve always had difficulty naming my blogs, business and websites in the past. For example. I had a landscaping business for many years, it was run by myself and a friend until I bought him out. The name was called 2 Dirty Men landscaping. I never even thought to Google that name before I picked it lol you can imagine what came up in the Google search lol. All I had thought about was the 2 of us and it’s a dirty job. Well Google showed me other thoughts on the phrase lol. But to be honest the name worked great for advertising and we got very busy. The wives in the neighborhood seemed to always be the ones to call for an estimate lol.

    Then came a fishing business after Landscaping that I thought was fairly clever called Sea’s The Day Fishing Charters or (Carpe-diem) for short.

    And now that I have just become an older dad (again) and I’ve decided to blog about it, the name I chose for my site I am contemplating changing by putting the word “Just” in front of it so it reads “Just1dadsopinion.ca instead. What do you think? Just curious.

    Anyway thanks for your blog.

  28. What a great question and concept for a blog post!!! I didn’t want to use my real name initially due to my profession and privacy considerations. My blog name kind of evolved from my first and last name but I love the German sound to it as I have a great connection to Germany 🇩🇪

  29. A Guy Called Bloke came around one day back in August 2017 when l was at the doctor’s surgery and the receptionist was not on the counter when l came through from the doctors to book another appointment. The surgery was closing and l was the last patient to leave for the day.

    The guy at the back with the receptionist was her husband there to pick her up and take her home. Her husband saw me first and l saw him before l saw her.

    He said there’s a Guy, a Bloke out there to see you l think pointing at me. That’s when l saw the name for the blog which l had been thinking about when l had been originally waiting for my appointment. A Guy Called Bloke was born.

    The business blog was going to originally be called The Authentic Recycler brought about by my love of composting worms which ultimately the blog will be primarily discussing but l decided to call it Earthly Comforts – The Auntehentic Recyclers.

    Earthly Comforts was going to originally be a series within the blog, however l liked it more as the blog name and changed the series to Earthen Tales [like Urban Tales].

      1. Thank you 🙂

        On a side note … and sort of related ISH or maybe just a BUTISH …. but do you still follow back new people who now follow you?

        I don’t tend to follow back anymore, mm, that sounds not right, but l tend to only follow back those who actaully interact with me and even then only after they have actually engaged in conversation with me … actually, that’s not related at all .. mm hahaha

  30. It’s a combination of things. It all started with my love for Xena Warrior Princess. I used to broadcast on liveme and I met this beautiful lady MzHarley who passed away this year rest her soul. On liveme I was just The Warrior Princess. Harley and I grew close sharing our life stories back and forth. She always just called me Tx because I live in Texas. Then one day she suggested I be the Texas Warrior Princess. It has a could flow to it and the rest is History.

  31. glad to hear I’m not the only one getting tons of spam — but if their adding to my numbers contributes to higher SEO, then maybe they’re not so bad? you’ve done so much in 4 years! am much impressed, Ashley 🙂

  32. I was an old newspaper guy. After cancer, I started skateboarding again to deal with nerve damage in my feet from chemo. My son was born, then my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. While she was recovering, I began making videos and videoing events downtown Indianapolis. One day I videoed the Westboro Baptists at my old college. I put a video together and the name Indianapolis Skateboard Journalist popped into my head. That’s how I came up with my blog/vlog/brand name.

  33. I found the name such a challenge to do. I thought of the amount of times people say I’m “unfiltered” and speak as I see – though ironically I am because I can see through the dross! Sharon 💚

  34. I’ve had a beautiful relationship of 4 years with my bestie. Her name is Sarah. We call each other bae. She’s been very supportive of my writing. So I name my blog after “us” Baewrites.

  35. It took me nearly four years to figure out a perfect blog name. Now it’s not just a blog name, it’s my brand name. My friends call me new Physicist. That’s cool. 😁. This post made me remember all those blog names I used before I find peace with this one. Thank you 🙏

  36. I picked the phrase “growing into myself” many years ago. I lost steam and stopped writing and just lurked on WP for a number of years just reading and writing comments. 5 or 8 years? Then I got tired of Instagram being “bad” for long posts – not their niche I know but I liked having a private account and the mental health community there. I decided to write on WP and dusted off my blog. I remember finding you and your post was a poll on WP bloggers. 😀

  37. Lovely post…well mine started as a thought what is the greatest most amazing thing we are all blessed with “life” and so I thought life is great life is “mighty” so why not blog about the mighty life and so “mightylifeblogger” was born.

    Bit of a corny story but it’s how it happened 😊🌼

  38. I chose my name and diary. It sounds a bit like the film Bridget Jones diary so I hope it’s memorable. I also wanted people to connect it to it me. I am publishing a book and thought about the title Are we there Yet. But that doesn’t convey anything much. I suppose Diary also means I can write about anything that grabs me. Which is what I do. .

  39. Thanks for the link. Coming up with a name wasn’t easy at all as I had about a million possibilities to narrow down plus so many names these days are taken one has to be creative… and now I have another problem because I’m starting to miss my old blog name… luckily I kept it and just forwarded it! I don’t think I will change it back though because that would just be loony.

    Sorry for my delayed comment by the way. I ended up taking quite a bit of time off from blogging.

    Also, I just came across this seeming reprint… I got a link approval notification but it looked suspicious… https://thorghthefact.data.blog/2021/10/25/what-si-blog/.

  40. going through some old posts, saw this. I originally was only going to talk about my therapy process, and my mental health diagnosis, hence the name, therapy bits, now though, that has evolved, and my blog is a place for poems, quotes, where I do challenges and prompts, etc. Xx

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