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What Should Go On A Blog’s About Page?

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I wrote a little while ago about using pages for your blog in addition to posts. It seems like the most popular and in demand type of page, aside from your home page and the page where your blog posts show up, is an About page. So let’s talk about what might go on an About page. I have no great knowledge to share on this topic, but that’s okay. And while I’m normally not a fan of arbitrary capitalization, I’m going to capitalize About in this sense because it’s easier for me to see what I’m writing.

Doing a quick Google search to find out what should go on an About page, a lot of the results are geared towards business-oriented blogs. I’ve linked to a few of these at the bottom of this post, but for personal or mostly personal bloggers, some of that isn’t going to be super relevant.

Who’s your audience?

One thing that kept coming up in some of the blog gurus’ advice was that you’re not writing the About page for you, you’re writing it for your audience. Even if your regular blog posts are written as much for you as for your reader, the About page is different, and there would really be no reason to write it if you weren’t directing it at readers.

Potential readers may be having a look at your About page before deciding whether to follow your blog or not (and speaking of which, you’ll probably want a “follow” button to be pretty easy to find on your About page).

How much detail should you put about yourself?

Your About page will be partly about you, and partly about the blog itself. Probably at least a little of both is a good thing.

I’ve written and rewritten my own About page quite a few times. I started with more of an emphasis on the blog, but have shifted recently to more of an emphasis on myself. The current version starts with “I am…” and then breaks it down into sections: person with mental illness, mental health professional, blogger, author, and stigma warrior.

It’s probably not a bad idea to include an image, whether it’s your Gravatar, another photo of you, a pet photo, an illustration, or whatever. It gives the reader something to associate with you. I’m using a different photo from my Gravatar; it’s the one I use for author-y stuff. I like my Gravatar pic of me and Cookie, but the author photo seemed more appropriate for the About page.

I’ve been using my full name since publishing my first book, and I recently added the city where I live to my About page. Prior to that, I’d just been saying west coast of Canada, and didn’t really want to be searchable in association with my location. Then I decided I didn’t actually care. Regardless of how specific you get, readers would probably like to know at least what country you live in.

Should you enable likes/comments?

You have the choice to enable or not enable likes and comments on your About page. I have them turned off, but I’ve seen some sites where there are piles of likes and comments on the About page. My main reason for having likes/comments off on my permanent pages is to keep them cleaner-looking.

How often should you revamp it?

It’s probably worth checking it a couple of times a year just to make sure it’s still accurate. I’ve fussed a lot with mine over time because I didn’t really know what I wanted. Probably some consistency is a good thing, but then again, you’re may not draw many repeat visitors to the About page, so people may not even notice you’ve made changes.

Well, those are a few of my thoughts on About pages. How do you have yours set up, and what influenced those decisions?

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30 thoughts on “What Should Go On A Blog’s About Page?”

  1. I don’t even know if I have one. I’ve never been good at talking about myself so if I do have one it probably says very little.

  2. Wow. Great eye opening post! I haven’t thought about my About page since I started the blog and looking at it now, it’s a mess. My blog has changed focus but the About page didn’t. I really don’t know what to do with it but I’m putting it on a back burner to let it percolate. πŸ™‚

  3. I was wondering about this for so long. Though I am still not sure what to write in my about page, your post gave me a basic idea of what the about page is about.

  4. I had the brief and basic thing going on until I decided to start using my real name and doing the self-published book thing. It’s funny, because it kind of coincided with my offline life and world being a crap-tastotrophe. I guess it comes down to figuring out where it’s most effective to focus in on.

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  6. After reading your post,, I realise that I don’t have an About page, I like how you have yours set up, I am… I feel that would be the best sttle/format for me but I will have a gander and see what other styles there are. Thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚πŸ’š

      1. Haha thank you 😊 I’m not sure what to put with regards to writing. I’m not a freelance writer, I don’t get paid, nor am I an author. I’m more than happy to write for free, but I don’t want this to be used against me…

          1. True… Will have a think. I’ve only just discovered how to put 2 images side by side so fuck knows how long anything else will take me πŸ˜‚

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